The 6 Point Protection Program is designed to provide checks and measures to ensure Social Marketers are credited for their customer referrals and purchases. Each check point works to link the customer back to the Social Marketer or customer who referred them to Modere.

  1. Link to Purchase Connection
  2. When a Social Marketer shares a link and the customer purchases from the unique link, the customer is connected to the Social Marketer.

  3. Device Identification Tag
  4. When a customer clicks on the Social Marketer’s link it creates a tag on their device so that if they revisit in the next thirty days, the link will continue to be connected to the Social Marketer.

  5. Customer Input
  6. If a customer goes directly to and does not have a unique link or has forgotten their referral code, we will ask from who and how they learned about Modere. The name and other information is collected then a search is performed to locate the referring Social Marketer or customer.

  7. Share Database Authentication
  8. A log is created each time an Invite is sent through Share the Love and the Contact Manager. If a customer makes a purchase and is not linked to a referral code, we validate against the logged information to identify where the invite originated.

  9. Claim Holding Tank/Customer Claims System
  10. Customers who can’t be linked to the person who referred them are placed in a holding take for 120 days. Social Marketers can check the database using different criteria to locate and claim their customers.

  11. Revenue Sharing Program
  12. For a customer who is unaffiliated, he and his first order will be placed in the Revenue Sharing Pool at the end of the 120 day period. These points are paid out to Social Marketers who qualify for pool shares. The unaffiliated customer and his subsequent orders are then affiliated to a qualified Social Marketer.