Amanda Morris keeps on climbing the ranks of Modere. On her way to Director 2, Amanda has been an inspiration to many due to her amazing journey on M3. Her electric team and hard work gave her the edge to provide a special income and lifestyle.

How does she do it? We asked Amanda to share her inspirational story in hopes that one day, it can guide others to success.

What sparked your interest in Modere?
I saw something amazing happening and I wanted to be a part of it. The business model was easy to follow. I liked the idea of having no more parties, inventory or leaving my family for work. In the end, it was a simple choice.

Seeing success in Modere, how have you learned to adapt?
I was having to put in more time at other companies. Even with more time, I was seeing fewer results. Modere gave me my life back. I didn’t have to give my everything away. By working two to three hours a day gave me amazing results. I could make money and live the way I wanted.

What do you love most about Modere?
It’s hard to pick one item, but being able to have that family feeling is up there. Whenever I don’t have the answer, there’s always someone there to help me! The people are amazing because they want you to success, no matter what the cost.

What’s your ultimate goal here at Modere?
It’s nice to establish some financial freedom and build for a healthy retirement. I’m also working toward more family time. Children grow up so fast and Modere has allowed me to contribute to the family income while not missing one precious moment with my son.

To date, what has been your most memorable Modere experience?
I’ve been able to meet some astounding members of the Modere family. Every day, I chat with people who are always changing my life for the better. Though some I only meet through Facebook, they are genuine and want me to succeed!

What words of encouragement would you like to share with other Social Marketers who are struggling?
It’s important to stay consistent, follow the One Voice System and never give up! You must have a ‘why’ and know what goals you are striving to achieve. Without any goals, how do you know if you’ve achieved anything?

You have to remember rejection is a normal part of this business, but it also means you’re being ambitious. No doesn’t always mean no. It may just mean not right now. Continue to follow up and develop strong relationships with everyone you know. When they are ready, it will happen.

What one thing do you do faithfully every day to move your business forward?
I engage people! I strive to comment on at least 25 Facebook posts a day, have a conversation with at least 10 people and posting on my own wall several times a day. It’s important people know what I am doing. This way, I actually develop the relationships I spoke about earlier, instead of being the friend who is always trying to sell people.

How do you feel your life has changed since becoming part of the Social Retail movement?
I feel free! And it’s not just me benefiting from this. For the first time since doing direct sales, my husband and son are feeling the freedom, too! They are a part of what I am building. I’m not just making money to spend on extra stuff but I’m paying bills and giving my family the chance to see more of this world. If something bad happens or breaks, I no longer wonder how we’re going to come up with the money to fix it.

Growing up, I wanted to be anything that would get me out of my current situation. When I had children, I wouldn’t allow them to feel the way I did. I juggled with becoming a lawyer, cop, or therapist. Who knew that getting in the network marketing industry would help give me the and my family the life I always wanted.