We recently had the pleasure of asking new Director 1, Amanda Uch, about her journey as a Social Marketer. She stepped into the direct sales industry almost three years ago. Before that, she was a stay-at-home mom. Turned work-at-home mom, Amanda has created an opportunity for herself that wouldn’t have happened without Modere. If you happen to see her, make sure you not only congratulate her, but ask her for advice, because she knows what it takes to be successful.

How were you introduced to Modere?
“Jessie Lee Ward was my upline in a previous company and I’ve always trusted her with business stuff. So when she decided to shift her focus, I had to look at my life and ask if I was truly happy doing what I was doing. I realized a leap of faith would keep me going in the right direction and I joined Modere.

“I’m now in school full time, and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it weren’t for Modere.”

What drew you to Modere?
“One thing that really drew me to Modere were the incentives and compensation plan. The comp plan at my previous business was archaic and seeing Modere, it was hard to believe the money and incentives could be real.

“The past few months, I’ve won Fitbits, Nikes, a trip to Mexico, bonuses and two experience packages. Needless to say, the grass was definitely greener over here!”

What are some things you wish you knew early on?

“Remember when you were a kid and you would fantasize about all the cool things you’d have and do one day? As an adult, it’s not realistic to have all those things unless you work toward obtaining them. When you create your goals, focus on the short term ones–the ones that are measurable and attainable. These baby steps will make your leap to greatness actually seem possible.

“It’s also important to prepare for discouragement. Remember your “why” and the faces of those who have doubted you. For me, it’s remembering to be smart so my kids have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. My children are my “why” and they need to have an example of what stability and work ethic are. These thoughts have helped me through some difficult times.”

What’s been your proudest Modere moment?

“There are so many things. Achieving Director 1 has been the most monumental to date and I thank my team for that. I’ve learned so much from them and I’m humbled to have their trust.

“One of the most memorable experiences was when Justin Prince and Dennis Liggon sent me a friend request on Facebook. I was probably overly excited for this because I knew these men were rockstars in the industry.

“And who can forget going to Mexico. It was incredible. Having the ability to give back to the children at the orphanage was an experience I will never forget!”

What’s your ultimate goal you are working to achieve?

“Overall, I want to achieve the American Dream, support my family, and create financial security for us. Every month I work to level up in sales as well as rank up so I can save up and have it all. I come from a conservative Cambodian family that questioned me when I decided not to be a doctor or lawyer or pianist.

“I’m in the minority, working toward success in a business that some people view as unconventional. But it’s flourishing because I’ve partnered with a company and system that works.”