The hard work and determination that goes into reach Platinum 2 are phenomenal! Andrea Tanghe has recently made this monumental accomplishment and we wanted to take the time to recognize her achievement.

When she first noticed Modere, she saw a company and its philosophy that could change people’s lives for the better. Her role in the Live Clean movement is helping Modere reach 10 million healthy homes. She’s creating momentum for her and her team and we’re excited to see her reach her next milestone.

“What drew me in were all the clean-living essentials and products; stuff I knew I needed in my life. After a while, M3 came out and I figured this was something I had to try since I had basically used everything else! When it worked for me, I was shocked. I became more of a believer in everything.

But it wasn’t just the products, it was the company and the people, too. I started to see the freedom that all these Social Marketers were having and I jumped on board. I was able to hit Director 1 Platinum in my first month. It was then I realized this is what I should have been doing all along.

Now, here I am as a Director 1, Platinum 2. I wish I would have started sooner. The financial freedom I have now is astounding, especially when I consider what my life was like nearly seven years ago. Before Modere, life was chaos.”

It’s always impressive to see Modere Social Marketers like Andrea be successful in this industry. But what really makes her stand out? The things that inspire her to move forward, even when times are difficult.

“My biggest inspiration is when I see and hear the excitement of those on my team and others who have been a part of my journey. It’s pretty common to have those “ah-ha” moments when they get it and start really boosting their business. It’s fantastic to see how we change the lives of others.

What do I do when I am struggling? Easy: I give it time. It takes time to build an empire. If things are too tough, I would tell others to reach out to their up-line. They are there to help you and chances are, they have seen the same obstacles you have. Get to the conferences. Attend SRC! They aren’t there just for looks. These are the events that will drastically change your business and your life.

I also like to remind people of how simple duplication is with this business. Modere has made it simple for Social Marketers to do this; there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel!

As always, it’s important to remember your accomplishments and little victories along the way. My proudest moments are when my team members Live clean for Free, go Bronze, or win one of the many Modere promotional gifts. It’s such a joy to watch their success and be part of their own happiness!”

Be on the lookout for Andrea throughout the coming months. If you’re able to sit down and talk with her at an event, over the phone, or on Facebook, do it. She knows what it takes to help others be successful.