When Ashely Aliprandi was getting ready to graduate from Chapman University in Studio Art and Leadership, she had one mantra: “I will change the world.” That’s when her mother, Margie Aliprandi, invited her to the Modere launch.

At the launch of Modere in Beverly Hills, it became clear to Ashley that Modere was her destiny. She says, “When the life changing movement was shown to me, I made the decision right then that I would not be the one to look back with regret.”

Since that time, Ashley has jumped in with both feet. She grew up watching her mother living her dreams and leading teams of over 250,000 people in the network marketing industry. Now Ashley wants that same kind of success—only bigger! Ashley’s has a goal to be an Elite 3 Social Marketer and create a global movement.

Ashley believes in leading by example. She says, “Modere supports the genuine and authentic person in awakening their inner light and passion. My goal is to be a servant leader to all who feel they have a dream inside them that is waiting to break free.”

When times get tough, Ashley remembers her goals. Her goals are the reason she is diving into a career that is different from the norm. Ashley genuinely lives by her favorite quote, “We manifest the world in which we live in. Let go of the illusion that we must struggle and let in the beautiful reality of how very good life can be.”