In this profession, it’s all about planting seeds and helping them grow. It may sound cliché, but that very idea is what’s helped Ashley Aliprandi soar through Modere and reach the status of Elite 1. Whether it’s being a Social Marketer or providing service to others in the community, Ashley’s road has come with lesson’s she will take with her for the rest of her life.

“When I first joined Modere, I would get down on myself so easily for not blasting through the different ranks. I sat at Team Leader for what felt like an eternity! But my mother’s words about planting seeds resonated with me often. She told me that I couldn’t control which seeds would grow, but I could control the planting process. I quickly learned patience and belief in myself. The work, the effort, and continuing to persevere made up who I am today and what I was able to achieve.”

Anyone who knows Ashley knows how electric she is on and off the stage. Her growth within the company has come during a time when Modere is reaching new heights, and it’s people like Ashley that are making it happen.

“Success is an equation based on ratios of exposure and it doesn’t happen overnight. My advice to others is to go all in! Keep going and never quit. Every single day, do everything you can. Your vision will drive you. You never know how close you are so never, ever quit.”

What Ashley has come to love most about Modere is the Live Clean philosophy. “I often find myself saying, ‘How great is it that I get paid to help others live clean, healthy, vibrant lives?’ It’s pretty special.”

Ashley was able to understand there is a time to sow and a time to reap. These seasons don’t happen at the same time. For her, it was the challenging times that she had to remember it isn’t that one seed, that one person, who determines her success, it’s her. She recalls this, along with another lesson, was something she wishes she knew sooner.

“Is there anything I would change? I definitely think I would have created my daily method of operation like a professional, sooner. At the beginning, I just wanted to make enough money to pay rent, but once I captured the vision of what was truly possible, it transformed my thinking. I structured my day as though I was employing myself, and everything changed. I am now organized, on point, and even if I only have 30 minutes here and there, I can get a lot done with focused action.”

One thing that stands out with Ashley is how passionate she is about serving others, especially her team. She isn’t just about herself–she wants to help others succeed as much as she has. “Seeing some of my leaders on stage being acknowledged for their rank advancements was such a joy. Feeling that shifted everything for me. It was no longer about me advancing, it became about allowing and supporting others to step into the spotlight.”

Next time to see Ashley on stage or walking around at another event, take some time to get talk to her. Chances are, she may have some tips to help you and your business.