Our Beats by Dre competition is done, so we wanted to take a minute and recognize those who rocked the competition.

To win, Social Marketers were required to:
Qualify for Live Clean for Free in February, 2016.
Earn a Get 3 Doubler in February, 2016

The following Social Marketers fulfilled these qualifiers. Congratulations to the winners! Make sure you keep an eye open for our April competition.

  • Shervin (Sean) Azimi
  • Cornelio Becerra
  • Lamont Bush
  • Norman Campbell
  • Lisa Dickson
  • Paula Dunn
  • Lori Eggiman
  • Armando Garcia
  • Michelle Geouge
  • Tasha Harrington
  • Haidn Lynch
  • Crystal Rose Matthews
  • Jessie Lee Ward
  • Janice Parker
  • Martin Ruiz
  • Hector Rocha