Billie Jo Fiege has been an elementary educator for the last 33 years, teaching kindergarten, first, second and fourth grades. When she isn’t teaching school, she loves educating people about Social Retail. “Touching people’s lives with Modere’s wide range of products is very rewarding. I am proud to have the opportunity to share the Modere gift of safe and effective products with others.”

Billie Jo first became interested in Modere because of the products. “I was looking for answers to improve my health. I wanted a healthy lifestyle and I wanted the best everyday products for my family. After using the products and experiencing life-enriching results, the second thing that sparked my interest was the business. Switching brands to Modere has given me a healthy lifestyle that I didn’t think was possible. I will be forever grateful for the person who shared with me.”

In July 2014, Billie Jo hit Platinum. “It was a big goal to achieve Platinum in one month. I had been qualifying as Silver, so to skip Gold and reach Platinum was an amazing moment for me.”

At the end of June 2014 Billie Jo made the decision to go for it. She laid out her calendar, scheduled events, one-on-one get togethers, and luncheons with friends and current customers. She communicated daily with emails, texts, and personal messages. “It was the last week of July when my biggest hurdle came. Every contact I made that week turned out to be a no.” On July 29th it seemed like Billie Jo was not going to reach her goal. “The thought of settling for Gold crossed my mind. With a deep breath, some time to reflect, and thoughts of gratitude, a new direction opened up for me and I acquired the 700 points I needed in just two days.”

Going Platinum allowed Billie Jo to qualify for the Modere Escape, an amazing retreat to the Dominican Republic. “My husband, Will, and I had the most amazing experience, my most memorable Modere experience so far.” And now Billie Jo’s next goal is to build one of the largest customer pods in Modere.

Billie Jo offers this advice, “Become a product of the product of Modere. Experiencing all the product lines gives you the passion and knowledge to share with others. When you dream and set a big goal it can be overwhelming where to start. My dear friend John Smart taught me to ‘Love the people one person at a time.’ This message is priceless to me; it explains where to being every time…with one person at a time.”

Congratulations to Billie Jo! Her example and drive is a true example and we know she and her team are poised for greatness.