Body Wash is back…well, let us explain.

If you’re new to Modere you might not have ever heard of Body Wash, but if you’ve been with Modere for years, you might have heard of a product called Refresh Bath and Shower Gel. This amazing body wash was one of our top sellers for years and is a proprietary formula that’s been available in other countries.  Well, get your shower clothes on because now it’s available for purchase in the USA and Canada!

Formulating and manufacturing clean, safe products requires continuous science, scrutiny, and commitment. Shower Gel is the the latest product to be tested and reformulated to improve performance and purity. But we’re committed to being your one-stop shop for safe essentials, and we know you need to shower, so we’re proud to make this long-trusted Body Wash formula available to you.

Better than your morning coffee, this start-your-day-off-right-product gets you clean, calm, and collected for whatever lays ahead. You can feel confident knowing that not only will you smell fresh and clean, but that you are using high quality products.

Modere Body Wash is free of Phthalates and sulfates, and is the perfect complement to Modere Shampoo and Conditioner. Instead of having to worry if your skin will be dry and flaky, you can worry about which high notes you’ll be able to hit as you sing in the shower. So go ahead, get clean.

Try Body Wash today, maybe it’ll be your new favorite shower gel!



We’ve elevated the everyday shower to enlightened status with the invigorating botanical extracts and rich, luxuriant lather of our Body Wash. This uplifting formula gently cleans, exfoliates, and revives your body and mind, giving you the boost you need to face the day.