Rest easy knowing that with Modere Household products, your home and family are not only clean—they’re safe. Our products were designed to keep your home safe, add style, and remove stress.

Doing laundry is nobody’s favorite job. Laundry packs are one of those inventions that make your life just a little easier, and as if that weren’t enough, they’re also gentle on your clothes and skin because they’re free of harsh chemicals.

Modere Laundry Packs make doing laundry faster and easier thanks to the dissolvable, biodegradable film wrapped around every pre-measured dose of detergent. Don’t worry about precisely (or imprecisely) measuring detergents and boosters; simply toss a pre-measured pack into your machine and you’re good to go.


Buy 3 Laundry Packs and get 1 free! That’s saving 25 percent on products that allow you to live life the way you want to, messes and all, without worrying— because we’re taking care of the cleanup.


“THE BEST laundry pods by far! I’ve switched from using Tide. Love the way my clothes feel soft, clean, and smells so good.” – Sheena V

“I never thought that I could get excited about laundry pods!!! These are wonderful and I love not having to use fabric softener. These pods do all of the work!!” – Ruthy T


Safe means safe at Modere, and our Dishwasher Packs are no exception. They use naturally derived cleaners and sodium chelating (water-softening) ingredients to power through the toughest caked-on food and grease, yet they’re gentle on your machine, safe on hands, and clean-rinsing for total peace of mind when you’re serving up a home-cooked meal.

Your plates are sparkling, your glasses are spot-free, your kitchen smells of red pear and magnolia and you’ve never felt so good about the simple act of doing dishes. So, when are you inviting us for dinner?


Then get the perfect combination of fresh and clean with our safe, simple, and convenient Dishwasher Packs. (Buy 3, Get 1 Free too!)


“Ahhhh! Who would have thought running the dishwasher would be something you looked forward to? WE DO! The house smells so good and our dishes look great! Red Pear with Magnolia…a winning combination…all in a pre-measured pod! Way to go Modere!” – Byron N

“I love this scent….it is light but refreshing. My dishes are clean, shiny, and smell great! This is the only pod that has actually dissolved every time we used it. We have tried other pods and they frequently do not dissolve at all or completely.” – Heidi M