LEADERBOARD  (For the rest of the list, please check out this PDF)
(As of September 11, 2017 • 9:00 AM MST)

Cindy Koleba 315
Jackie Doty 234
Jennifer Kennedy 189
Kandee Stadnyk 135
Natalie Sanesh 127.5
Krissy Essar 112.5
Wendy Briault 93
Ann Murtland 91.5
Debbie Kellett 82.5
Michelle Ferguson 79.5
Jennifer Quam 78
Kathy Andersen 75
Amy Burnie 70.5
Linda Zimmer 70.5
Lorena Spoletini 67.5
Laurie Sowman 63
Tammy Clark 63
Bryon Bell 61.5
Tanya Alton 61.5
Penny Jones 60
Thumper Rocks 58.5
Donna Hamm 57
Amanda G 55.5
Claudia Smith 54
Michelle Bennett 54

Modere’s growth in Canada is nothing short of astonishing. We can’t wait to officially launch Modere in Canada this November. To help keep this momentum going, we’re pleased to announce a special promotion where we recognize Social Marketers who continue to support our Canadian growth.

From July 1 through September 30, we’re giving every Social Marketer the chance to upgrade their experience at the Modere Canada Launch Event. All you have to do is earn points for activities you already do!

Here is how it works for ALL U.S. & Canadian Social Marketers:
Earn points from the monthly Modere North American promotions during the months of July, August, and September
Get bonus points during these promotions for all Canadian activity (1.5 bonus points)
Register for the November Launch Event before September 30th to qualify


Here are the different tiers of achievements during this three-month promotion:

3rd Highest Point earner — (Est. $300 value)
Paid Event Registration
Paid Hotel Accommodations

2nd Highest Point earner — (Est. $1100 value)
Paid Event Registration
Paid Airfare
Paid Hotel Accommodations

Top point earner — (Est. $4000 value)
Paid Event Registration
Travel to/from event
Upgraded Hotel Accommodations
Spa Treatment
Fine dining experience
VIP Seating
Recognition item
Stage Time during event

Early Adopters Prizes:
Achieve D3 and/or Platinum II or above during the three month period we’ll acknowledge your special achievement with a special Modere gift.

In addition to the top three prizes, all 50 point earners will be recognized as an official member of the Modere Canada Launch Team. All Social Marketers recognized as a Launch Team earner will receive special memorabilia available ONLY at this event! This is no small feat and is an honor we will remember for years!

Good luck these next few months! We are thrilled to be officially opening in Canada and hope you’ll be part of the experience.