When Catherine Foster discovered Modere, you could say it was a serendipitous accident. She was trying to go vegan and found a Modere post that spoke about the subject. In the short amount of time she’s been with Modere (40 days), Catherine has exploded to Director 1–and there’s no sign of her slowing down.

“I’m a Management Analyst with the Department of the Navy and while I love my job, I want to reach a life of time and financial freedom. At the same time, I want to help thousands of individuals gain confidence and positivity in themselves. Modere is helping me realize this goal is easier to attain than I ever imagined.”

The affordability of Modere and the testimonies of the products is what really sparked Catherine’s interest in Modere. And while she has seen such a high level of success, there are things Catherine had to do to help encourage her during difficult times.

“I had to remind myself there is a life I am chasing, a life where I don’t have to check my bank account when I walk into the grocery story and after I walk out. I tell myself there’s a bigger picture here for me. Feeling down or discouraged is only going to distract me from my goals and take time away from when I could be taking action.”

40 days was all it took for Catherine to hit Director 1, Platinum 2, and all the time, she was aiming for Team Leader. She earned 2 custom Nikes during our June promotion and due to her perseverance, has started to create the financial freedom she’s always wanted.

So with all these achievements, what kind of guidance does Catherine have for new Social Marketers?

“They need to start mastering the art of mindest. I talked about my own discouragement. Negative minds lead to negative lives and breeds negative results. Positive mindsets and a confident outlook on life brings about positive change. You can gain everything with the right attitude and action.

“‘Eliminate whatever does not help you evolve’ is my slogan. I have removed myself from all toxic people and energies. My path is paved with positivity.”

Be on the lookout for Catherine during the next event. She’ll most definitely have a positive impact on you, your team, or your business.