When Maria Lambros joined Modere, she didn’t know what kind of impact it would have on her mother, Christine Lambros. Now a Director 1, Christine is following the Live Clean philosophy at Modere. She’s seen, firsthand, how products like M3 can have an effect on someone’s everyday life and is turning her testimony into a thriving business.

“My professional background consists of having a BA in Elementary Education and my Esthetician’s License. I haven’t worked in either fields for some time as I manage a family restaurant.

“My daughter, Maria, introduced me to Modere in early 2016. For a while, I was watching Maria do so well with Modere. She was becoming healthier by using the products, losing weight on M3, and improving her overall lifestyle. As a mother, it made me feel so good to see her doing so well!

“She then got me using M3 and the results I saw weren’t what I expected. As a yo-yo dieter, I could never keep off the weight I lost and I would eventually gain it back. M3 gave me the “wow” moments I had always wanted and I knew there was something here.

“I was looking for another job I could do from home, so this seemed perfect. I saw the kind of money Maria was making and I knew I could do this. And after the decisions my husband and I had made financially, Modere was the answer to help us get out of debt.

“Now that I’m here, my ultimate goal is really to do the best I can every month. Learning how to be a Social Marketer, how the system works and climbing the ranks one step at a time is my focus. I know as I learn the basics, it will help my business grow.

“When I think about the experiences I have; the most memorable one was listening to my daughter Maria talk on a webinar. I was beaming with pride listening to her story. I was so impressed with her. I can’t help but love hitting Director 1 as well. I didn’t even realize it had happened until I saw the money deposited into my account. It was such a good feeling!

“Now that I have been part of the company for a while, I’ve found it’s easy to get discouraged but it’s important to remember the little victories. Celebrate the fact that what we are doing does make a difference, even if it’s a little at a time. Plus, Modere is good at complimenting and rewarding its Social Marketers, which can help us during times of discouragement.

“My advice to new Social Marketers would be to never give up. Times aren’t always going to be fruitful, and it’s good to watch videos, join trainings, and keep learning. Think about what you could have done better. Find what works for other people and implement that. It’s all about trial and error. Listen to the professionals and follow One Voice.

“I’m proud to be part of Modere of such an amazing time. For everyone just joining, take the time now to follow people like Justin Prince and Jessie Lee to learn from them. Check the Facebook pages daily and most importantly, try the products. I did, and I fell in love with them and my experiences speak volumes when trying to grow my business.”