Cindy Sheppard is a legacy member of Modere and a true veteran of the industry. During the month of July, Cindy reached the rank of Director 1 and does not show any signs of slowing down. Her experience as a coach and mentor combined with her belief in the Modere philosophy has helped her pave a glimmering road to success.

“I am a legacy member of the team and here for life. The high science, no harmful platform resonated personally and I knew it was a winner for financial return and stability. I did my homework and made a sure-shot.

“I want people to have freedom. Freedom from stress, freedom from health concerns, freedom from financial worries and most importantly freedom from limiting beliefs. And if anybody reading this is new or looking to jump in, the important aspects to remember are love the profession, love the company, love the products, and love yourself.”

For Cindy, it’s easy to recognize that all those years ago, she made the right choice. All the effort exerted and time invested will pay off for her for the rest of her life.

Cindy’s professional background has made her a Jane-of-all-trades. They include dental hygiene, kinesiology, business, and a study of the mind. But back in 2011, she became a certified coach with Bob Proctor, a globally recognized Prosperity Mentor, and it’s really changed how she approaches life.

“Bob’s passion and expertise in the network marketing industry has helped many, myself included, in this profession. His guidance has helped me reach individual goals and dreams.”

As you can imagine, the training she received naturally helped her become the motivational Social Marketer she is today.

“I love to coach. It’s my lifeblood and I love what I do. I take it everywhere with me. I am keen to help everyone understand they can have what they really want. They really can! The skills I’ve learned from coaching have helped me when I’ve needed some encouragement, too.

“It’s something that can work for almost anyone. If something is holding you down let it go. It is what it is. Intelligently manage what you can do and let the rest go. Keeping your vibe high is essential to your success. Find a different perspective and do whatever you can to keep staying positive.”

There’s plenty for Cindy to be proud of throughout her life in the industry. She’s recognized in Modere as part of the family and her personality and passion is exactly the kind of traits everyone should try to emulate. And while she reminisces much about her experiences, there is one that stands out the most to her.

“It’s been the loss of the extra stomach weight. I have a personal interest in weight management done correctly, so M3 was a no-brainer. The way M3 performed and the intelligent, sustainable way we are guided to make permanent changes in our lifestyle habits sings to my soul.”