The qualification period for the Modere Escape at the Garza Blanca Resort in Puerto Vallarta is coming to a close! You have 15 days left —until July 31, 2015—  to qualify to attend this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

You can earn a LOT of points in 15 days! Get extra points the last two weeks of the month by:

  • Achieve a selling rank for the first time and get DOUBLE the points
  • Achieve any selling rank for a second time and get the maintenance points again
  • Get your 3, get your 6, get your 9 and get your 12.

For example, if you hit Gold for the first time this week and get 6 people to join your team, you can earn 25 points. It’s that easy. While you’re out there sharing Modere, just keep picturing the hammock on the beach with your name on it.

There are so many Social Marketers who are so close to qualifiying to spend time on the sandy beaches of Mexico in September. Will you be one of them?


Check out the Modere Escape Leaderboard on the Shifting Retail Buzz page and see where you land. Get these extra points and climb through the ranks to the top.