Crystal Carpenter’s story is the epitome of motivation! She is a two-time cancer survivor, had a hysterectomy at age 32, and has worked hard as a Medical Assistant to help support her family! “I also started my RN classes, but I haven’t been able to complete them. I would love to finish them someday when I become financially stable.”

Since she’s joined Modere, Crystal broke through the ceiling and ranked up three times in her first month. Crystal is now Platinum and since becoming a Social Marketer is working hard to establish some financial freedom for her and her family.

“It helps that in my first month, I ranked up three times! It was absolutely amazing to see that. Being a Social Marketer has changed my life both physically and financially. It’s helped my husband and I go from living paycheck to paycheck to being able to pay the bills and still put money back into the bank.”

Being able to save this money and provide another income will help Crystal on the path to completing her RN classes. The success she’s seen comes not only from her passion and desire to share Modere, but from the support she’s seen from friends, teammates, and leaders.

“I love the recognition I’ve received from people like Jessie Lee Ward, Catie Foster, and Ashleigh Maser. I feel like I actually mean something to them and with them, I can accomplish anything. I’m helping people live healthier lives and feel better about themselves.”

Interestingly enough, Crystal had no interest in Modere in the beginning. Ashleigh Maser kept sending her videos to watch about Modere’s Live Clean philosophy and for a while, Crystal just ignored them. But there was one video that caught her eye.

“Jessie Lee appeared on the screen and she was just so inspirational and motivating. Her video spoke on losing weight and making money. Everything she discussed seemed so simple and I thought to myself, ‘Huh, I can do this!’ I messaged Ashleigh and signed up.”

Crystal hasn’t just seen financial success, she’s also seen an overall improvement in how she looks and feels. One of her proudest moments was when she stepped on the scale and saw she had lost 22 pounds (and 30 inches) in just 90 days! It’s her real results and the real story that’s helped promote her business.

“The best tactic to get new customers is to use real experiences. When I show them my results with the products I’ve used, I almost always grab their interest! But sometimes, it doesn’t come that easy. To anyone who is struggling, I would tell you to not be too hard on yourself. Confidence is key in this industry and if you have confidence in yourself, the product, and the company, you will see success.”

Newly Platinum, Crystal Carpenter, is living proof that Modere has a duplicatable system in place that works for anyone! Modere has given her the chance to not just improve her life, but improve the lives of those around her. And according to her, she gets to do it all in her pajamas!