Tis’ the season to introduce new Social Marketers to Modere.  During the month of December we are saying so long to Get 3 Doublers and hello Get 3 Triplers!

You heard it right! When you earn a Get 3 Doubler between December 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 we are going to TRIPLE the first order bonus.

Get 3 Triplers will be paid for the previous week’s activity, just as Get 3 Doublers are normally paid. There is no limit to the number of Get 3 Triplers you can earn!

Check out just a few examples of what you can earn:

New Social Marketers First Order Bonus Tripler Total Commission
3 SM w/ M3 or ID System (450 points) $90.00 $180.00 $270.00
3 SMs w/ Plus Collection (1440 points) $288.00 $576.00 $840.00
3 SMs w/ Ultimate Collections (2040 points) $408.00 $816.00 $1,224.00


Here are just a few reasons why December is an awesome month to join!

  • New enrollee’s will receive one free 2017 Social Retail Ticket
  • Modere has phenomenal products including the amazing M3 system with proven results. Get started now to help other’s with their New Year’s resolutions.
  • Start your home based business in December and enjoy potential tax write offs for 2016*
  • The 12 Days of Christmas will offer incredible savings to share new products with friends and family

*Home based business tax rules are based on an individual’s filing status and eligibility.


QUALIFIERS — Updated: 1/4/17

Alexander Abigail
Alma Arias
Amanda Groce
Amanda Jeuzsko
Amber Deloof
Amber Sowers
Amy Burnie
Amy Harris
Angela Bien
Ashleigh Walters
Benjamin Sofia
Bobby Pang
Brandi Huston-Chrispen
Brendan Horning
Bryon Bell
Bull Pen Network
Candace Tingen
Celebrate Life Enterprises
Celebrate The Family Enterprises
Cheryl Ann Healey
Christianna Conn
Crystal Caraballo
Crystal Rose & Thiago Harvey
Daphne Ellison
Dayna Hopf
Emily Britten
Garria Arnold
Hector Rocha
Hill Street Network
Huntington St Partners
It’S All Good Enterprises
James Madison
Jessie Lee Ward
John & Nadya Melton
Jordan Stephens
Katie Jones
Kelli Trainor
Krystal Saunders
La Ricketson
Laura Evans
Liam Olivia
Logan Avery
Makesi Anyika
Marc & Lana MacDonald
Margie Aliprandi
Marlene Farley
Marvin & Lance Pierschbacher
Matthew Stanley
Meloni Pierce
Michele Davidson
Nicole Carter
Nicole Hardy
Nicole Morton
Pam Zerblas
Rena Zaharov
Rezar Sheri
Robert Eisenman
Ryan Sorell
Samantha Brown
Sandy Humpel
Sean Azimi
Sheldon Baylor
Stacey Cartwright
Stephanie Harris
Tammy Park
Tera Stanton
Thomas Casey
William Ava


Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion is valid from December 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016 and is applicable for Social Marketers only.
  1. To be eligible Social Marketers must meet the following requirements:
    1. New Social Marketers must have a start date of November 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, with at least one Social Marketer with a start date in December 2016.
  1. First orders must have an order date of November 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, with at least one Social Marketer with a first order date in December 2016.
    1. Orders must have a unique shipping address and a unique form of payment to be eligible for Get 3 Tripler payout
  1. Any stacking or bonus buying is strictly prohibited.
  2. If a Social Marketer returns his or her order that contributed to a Get 3 Tripler, commissions will be debited from the enrolling Social Marketer for the return, including Get 3 Tripler commissions for all three First Orders.
  3. New enrollee must join in December 2016 with a minimum first order of 100 MP to be eligible for the free 2017 Social Retail Ticket.
  4. Free 2017 Social Retail Tickets must be redeemed by contacting customer service to process registration. Registration deadline to redeem the free ticket is 1/7/2017.