Michelle Geouge works over 50 hours a week for a mortgage company. She’s a mother to two boys and a Philadelphia Eagles addict (she even named one of her kids after a player). Between work, family life, traveling, and everything else, she’s managed to hit Director 1 for Modere. Michelle is the perfect example of why no one can get away with making excuses.

“I feel proud of what me and my team have accomplished. It was a very busy month and it’s all been so amazing. The recognition and positive words of encouragement from our leadership made me feel so honored. It was definitely the right decision to come to Modere.”

Michelle joined Modere after a mutual friend introduced her to the Meltons. “I joined my friend for the dinner they had with the Meltons and became very interested in Modere. Jumping into a new business was scary, but Modere definitely felt right.”

“To have a company that wants to invest in the success of everyday entrepreneurs, create an outstanding experience for customers, and is committed to disrupting the norm is incredible . And it wasn’t just the products I liked. I could see the fire in everyone’s hearts who were part of Modere. Having leadership that truly believes in your potential and is not just all talk, that speaks to my heart.”

Michelle spent 11 years in the banking industry and has been a VP of Compliance at a major mortgage company. Her adventure in network marketing began 16 months ago, but she’s fallen in love with the new model and the potential it offers.

“I love doing this and my goal is to be able to let my husband retire so he can be a stay-at-home dad. I also want to be able to run my business to where I can retire early and not have to work in the corporate banking industry the rest of my life. Obviously, I want to become Elite 3 here at Modere, but honestly my personal goal, is to create the best life I can for my family.”

Since joining Modere, Michelle has seen a lot of success, but it hasn’t come without its setbacks. Even still, she continues to sprint forward, always working her hardest for her team, and her family.

“I always have to remember my WHY. I keep telling myself that being successful isn’t easy, it takes hard work, dedication, and time. It’s tough balancing everything but little victories and reaching milestones are what makes this all worth it. Life is busy but you should never give up. If you have a bad month, start over. Just keep going. You know know when you’ll find what works for you.”

Congratulations, Michelle! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.