Monica joined Modere in early 2016, and in a few short months jumped into the rank of Elite 1. But her success starts way before Modere. In fact, years ago she had less than $20 to her name. Now, she’s making a six-figure income for her family. Through challenges and tribulation, Monica has climbed the ranks and become an inspiration for everyone.

“When I first heard of Modere, I didn’t care to move from where I was. But then I met with Social Marketers and the Modere leaders. I didn’t just see them talking about their values–they were living them. I would have loved to have been involved sooner, but then again, timing is everything. And my time is now.

“Now that I’m here, I have too many people who believe in me and look to me for leadership, and I can’t let them down. We all have goals, dreams, and plans to reach higher and do more with our lives, but I believe if we help enough people reach their own goals and dreams, ours will come to pass as well.”

And that’s exactly what Monica has done. She leads by example and you can see how this philosophy of helping others has changed her life for the better.

“My greatest joy in this has been seeing others able to lose weight and feel better about themselves. Along with earning income that has lightened their financial load, it’s all been a fantastic journey.

“But for people who are still striving to hit those next ranks, I would tell them to work on you first. We must work on us and change from within, before we can expect to see things change for and around us. More importantly, allow someone to mentor you who has done what you’re trying to do. That’s the best thing you can do.”

Become Elite in Modere is monumental and no easy task and the road to success is filled with potholes. When it comes to creating a story for yourself, Monica has some advice.

“One thing to remember in this is you can not want success for anyone. They have to desire it for themselves. From weightloss to having a better income, they have to want it. And we will all have challenges along the way that push us to become better or force us to quit. But this is how we grow.

Going back to what I said early, work on you. You will find growth on what you are listening to, reading, or following. This will push you through the obstacles and help you fulfill your dreams.