In the past year, Tammy Harris has faced a hardship which would set many people back. It wasn’t something she could easily overcome but what she’s been able to do with Modere is astonishing. By overcoming her challenges and keeping busy in her business, Tammy Harris reached Elite 1!

“This past year has been really tough for me. I lost my husband in December. I have children and grandchildren who are used to seeing me busy and excited. Modere was a blessing as it helped me keep going.”

“Modere didn’t just help keep me busy, it helped me acquire a new vision for myself and my family. I had breast cancer 18 years ago, and I’ve always searched for products that aren’t harmful or toxic. As we all know, Modere has the products I was looking for. I love Modere and all the new things that keep coming my way!”

Elite 2, Michelle Teague, knows the type of person Tammy is and how her obstacles have helped contribute to her success.

“Tammy is consistent, resilient, and has the ability to move forward in spite of her personal challenges. She has more courage than anyone I know and she is an example to everyone. She will show you what can happen when you have the power within to go the distance and use potential pain as fuel. She has the ability to triumph over any obstacle and claim her success.”

It’s apparent what kind of inspiration Tammy is to everyone who meets her. She has risen to the challenges she’s faced and done so in a fantastic way. Her ability to inspire others about Modere products has helped her achieve the success she sees today. And if there’s one thing she’s learned, it’s to never give up no matter what.

“I wish everyone could understand you can’t give up. You might face adversity but it’s important to go forward. It may be small steps or you may have to take a few steps back, but keep reaching for the stars. One day, you will reach one.

“And as I’ve done in my own life, it’s important to stay busy. I’ve learned this skill isn’t about making lists then rearranging them. It’s actually doing what it takes to create a successful business and move forward. Pick up the phone and call or text someone.

“I’m bashful when it comes to this stuff, so it’s been hard for me to use the phone but I do it and I’ve seen the results. Facebook allows you to avoid the phone sometimes but at the end of the day, it’s all about greeting the opportunity face to face.”

Reaching Elite 1 with Modere is no easy feat and we are extremely excited to see Tammy accomplish so much. Every Social Marketer finds success in different ways, and Tammy has found hers. So what advice does Tammy have to help other Social Marketers who are just starting their journey at Modere?

“Don’t give up. Please. If you don’t quit, you’ll eventually get there. It’s OK if you don’t make your goals at first–but you can’t give up. In this business, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Look to your team. I stayed at Director 2 forever, but someone who I didn’t even know on my team helped me reach Elite 1.

“And make sure you have goals and make them achievable. I figure out what my team needs to do to hit my goals and then I figure out what is left for me to do. Focus on helping others live clean and do the same yourself.”