Modere Social Marketer and Platinum Elite 3, Lisa Cox, contributed, first-hand, to Modere’s 2017 record growth. A combination of clean-label products and an industry-leading compensation plan are just a few reasons Lisa has seen success with modere.

“I’ve been in this industry for 18 years and Modere is the first company I’ve worked with where you can actually work from your phone full time and make money,” said Lisa. “Modere has given me more time freedom than I’ve ever had and it’s due to their Social Retail model. It allows people to go part time and still focus on their main job or jump into full-time mode and make more—all without any experience.”

Justin Serra, Modere General Manager of North America, praised Lisa for her ability to jump in and create her own momentum.

“In no time at all, Lisa has become an invaluable part of Modere. She’s not just creating a successful team, but she’s creating an excitement which can be felt by every customer and Social Marketer she meets.”

Modere presents a unique business opportunity, according to Lisa, and part of what makes it unique are the products. Lisa has developed a special passion and testimony of the products, which in turn, has made it easier to accomplish so much.

“The products are amazing. They go hand-in-hand with the live-clean mission which has a direct impact on my own family. We’ve always been conscious about what we put into our bodies, but not as aware of what we use around the home–until we discovered Modere.

“We’ve embraced the mission of helping others live clean as we’ve worked to do the same. We’ve “Modered” our home, becoming more environmentally friendly. My home is a testament to the power of Modere and its products and people see this, allowing me to easily promote the business.”

When you have so much faith in the products and goals that align with the company, it’s easy to attract others who share those same passions.

“I’ve built a large portion of my team with people who have never been attracted to any of my previous businesses. The idea of network marketing has never been appealing.

“Now, those same people are being drawn into Modere’s mission to live cleaner, healthier lives. Their goals align with Modere’s. They are researching what’s safe and know Modere offers something other companies don’t.

“Plus, the system is easily duplicatable. My team can come in, add, tag, and message others and it works! It works for a variety of personalities. People who have no experience can jump right in and develop their own levels of success.”

Modere continues to see growth and momentum with their new line of products. For Lisa and her team, these products are building immense amounts of excitement. People see the results and are quick to jump on board.

“We’re growing rapidly and there are no signs of slowing down. Look for Modere to be the next big household name.”