2017 marks an exciting year of (hyper) growth for Modere. John and Nadya Melton have capitalized on this growth and reached Elite 3, the highest rank within the company. As Elite 3 Social Marketers, the Meltons have seen their own growth within their team while enjoying the benefits of working right from their phone.

“Modere embraces the fact that we are individuals. We can brand ourselves as entrepreneurs and they support us,” John said when asked what it’s like to be a Social Marketer. “We have leads that come to us from all over the world asking what it is our company does. I don’t have to chase people. No cold calls. This because Modere is doing everything right.”

John and Nadya came to Modere nearly two years ago. They saw something special in a company offering opportunity and potential that was unmatched.

“Modere had a large product portfolio. It wasn’t just nutrition or anti-aging, it was everything. And what makes Modere truly unique is the focus on customers. You don’t have to enroll or be a social media guru to make money; anyone can do this. The give/get model allows people on my team to make money by simply sharing their experience with products.”

North America General Manager, Justin Serra, praised the Meltons with what they’ve been able to create. He said, “John and Nadya played a huge part in the 800% growth we’ve seen as a company. They have embraced our culture and are helping take us into a new phase of social retail.”

John said he loves being able to use social networks, and coincidentally, so does Modere. The Meltons are known for their Facebook Live videos, where they teach others the finer points of network marketing, recruiting, duplicating, and building a business.

In addition, John praises Modere in how easy they make it for people to use the system and still make money. Anyone can do it with only customers, too. He states there are many people who have no experience in the business but live anywhere, work full-time jobs, and make real money. “It’s all about the customer focus and realizing recruiting is more of a byproduct.”

Modere prides itself on its model of helping customers find products that are safe yet effective. This is a model that also helps customers make money without having to enroll or pay a monthly fee.

“We are seeing a shift in the industry due to regulations but Modere continues to focus on providing products that work and getting real customers.

The Meltons created a successful team within modere. John attributes much of this to Dave and Sandy Humpel and Amber DeLoof as they are powerful leaders who understand the power of duplication.

About Modere

Modere, classified as Triple A (AAA+) opportunity, offers a category-leading portfolio of live-clean lifestyle essentials including beauty and personal care, health and wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high-performing, and beautifully designed.

Modere brings a holistic approach to well-being and its products reflect a commitment to excellence and innovation, with tested formulas proven around the globe for 30 years. Modere is headquartered in Springville, Utah and its Marketing Center of Excellence and Public Relations is located in Newport Beach, California. For more info please visit www.modere.com