This May and June, Elite Social Marketers are touring the country, going coast-to-coast spreading the vision of Social Retail: the future of retail. This is the perfect event to introduce your friends to Modere and get invaluable training for existing Social Marketers. Find the city nearest you and register today!


INTRO TO MODERE: Bring your friends for a personal look at Social Retail. The Elite Social Marketer at each event will show how we’re changing the world of retail, making it easier than ever to live clean, and help others in doing so. Your guests will walk away feeling empowered to make money, earn amazing trips, and improve their quality of life.

SOCIAL MARKETER TRAINING: Come and learn how Modere has become one of the hottest retail brands in the country and how you can capitalize on this Social Retail Movement. These events will be filled with tips from some of the most successful network marketers in the business.


May 9 Atlanta, GA May 14 Branson, MO
May 16 Phoenix, AZ May 16 Washington, DC
May 18 Lexington, KY May 19 Huntington, WV
May 19 Raleigh, NC May 21 Dallas, TX
May 28 Shreveport, LA May 28 Indianapolis, IN
May 30 Orlando, FL May 30 Irvine, CA
June 4 Anchorage, AK June 10 Cedar City, UT

REGISTER TODAY! (Click on the city you want to attend above for registration details and more.)