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Qualification Period: August 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016

Achieve 100 points – earn a Modere Experience
Achieve 150 points – earn a Modere Escape and accommodations for two
Achieve 180 points – earn a Modere Escape and accommodations and airfare for two
Achieve 280 points – earn a Modere Experience along with Escape accommodations and airfare for two

LAST UPDATED: May 2, 2016

Michelle Barnes  Path to Escape 585
John Melton  Path to Escape 467
Tony & Sarah Zolecki 393
Mike & Sahi Hernandez  Path to Escape 389
JD & Ronni Phillips  Path to Escape 334
Dennis & Sue Ligon  Path to Escape 334
Justin Prince 302
Phil Gerdes  Path to Escape 302
Jessie Lee Ward  Path to Escape 297
Makesi Anyika  Path to Escape 294
Joni Robbins 247
Michelle Bowens  Path to Escape 243
Matt Reese  Path to Escape 226
Sheel Patel  Path to Escape 215
Joan Hoxter  Path to Escape 201
Jackie Wilson 185
Melba & Ibrahim Silwany  Path to Escape 184
Margie Aliprandi 176
Janice Parker  Path to Escape 163
Fredderick Hardy  Path to Escape 151
Sheldon Baylor  Path to Escape 143
Ian Lenhart  Path to Escape 142
Crissy Gravina  Path to Escape 140
Daniel Ragsdale  Path to Escape 99
Robert Hollis Jr.  Path to Escape 98
Jennifer & Bolivar Fernandez  Path to Escape 93
Kurt Kerzic  Path to Escape 92
Mauricio Santos  Path to Escape 82
John Guzman  Path to Escape 80
Holli Dark  Path to Escape 68
Erik & Michelle Cloud  Path to Escape 66
Jay Gerdes  Path to Escape 65
Jeffrey Pape  Path to Escape 64
Cindy Ragsdale  Path to Escape 61
Dora Milord  Path to Escape 54


Kelly Clark 120
Billy McSwain 109
Twin Corporation 101
Michelle Geouge 96
Ashley Aliprandi 86
Tina Grasby 82
Tina Thorogood 77
Ernest Anderson 74
Crystal Rose Matthews 73
Stephanie Easterling 70
Debbie Lamberson 69
Alexandra Mahairas 68
Juan Reynoso 65
Alma Arias 65

Learn more about the Points to Escape here.

Learn more about the Path to Escape here. 

*Due to real-time reporting, leader board points may slightly fluctuate from week to week as a result of placements, and maintenance.

*In order to redeem the Escape trip, Social Marketers must earn a get 3 doubler and maintain a 75 Marketer Point SmartShip order throughout the qualification period in order to redeem this prize.