The science behind omega-3 fatty acids is truly remarkable. Study after study shows the benefits of fish oil and what fatty acids can do for your body, mind, and heart. Study after study we’re convinced, and so should you be.

Simply put, incorporating omega-3’s into your diet is one of the smartest, most sensible things you can do for your overall health. And if you take any supplements whatsoever, an omega-3 supplement should be at the top of your list.

Modere Omega 3 captures the essential fish oils, EPA, and DHA you need on a daily basis. It is a no-frills formula that offers exactly what you need in the right amount. Just take two softgels a day and you’re set. We source our fish oil sustainably, using smaller, more abundant fish and responsible suppliers who don’t participate in overfishing. That means you can feel good about where you’re getting your omega-3 supplement, in addition to feeling good about what you’re doing for your body. It’s a win-win.



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“I honestly had these a while and was reluctant to take them because of past experiences with Omegas. I finally decided it was time to take the plunge. I was shocked! They are easy to take and never once have I had that yucky aftertaste I’ve had with past choices. I’ll be continuing these in my regimen.” – Tabitha W

“I am very sensitive to fishy taste after taking fish oil supplements. I have been taking this product for 3 months daily not once did I have fishy after taste.” – Kimberly J