We’re all committed to adding one more Social Marketer to our community and the live clean mission before the end of the month. Get in and join us today then get one of your friends to join with no enrollment/starter kit fee.

Here’s what you need to know:

From July 25 through July 31, we are waiving the $49.99 Starter Kit when you have a first order of at LEAST 480 points.

We’ll remove the fee, but you’ll still receive the Social Tool kit. This includes a product catalog, brochures, pop-up displays, and a DVD– all designed to teach how how to share Modere clean-label products.  

To help you achieve an order of at least 480 points, choose a Plus or Ultimate Collection in Step 1 of Enrollment:

  • The Plus I/D & Samples Collection (480 pts)
  • The Plus I/D & Essentials Collection (480 pts)
  • The Plus M3/Vital And Essentials Collection (480 pts)
  • The Ultimate Collection (680 Pts)
  • The Ultimate M3/Vital Collection (680 Pts)