Now is the perfect time to become a Social Marketer at Modere! During the month of May, we are waiving the $49.99 Starter Kit fee with a first order of at least 480 points.

You’ll still receive the Social Tool kit, which includes a product catalog, brochures, pop-up displays, and a DVD to help you learn how to share Modere clean-label products.


For convenience and the best deal choose a Plus or Ultimate Collection in Step 1 of Enrollment:

  • The Plus I/D & Samples Collection (480 pts)
  • The Plus I/D & Essentials Collection (480 pts)
  • The Plus M3/Vital and Essentials Collection (480 pts)
  • The Ultimate Collection (680 Pts)
  • The Ultimate M3/Vital Collection (680 Pts)

We are pioneering the revolution to bring safe, clean-label, everyday essentials into homes around the world. Become a Social Marketer for free today and start the path to living clean through social retail.