Your business is going to transform over the Summer and explode this Fall. Here’s how!

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There has never been a better time to build. Be part of the momentum. Earn weekly bonuses for personal enrollments and team enrollments.

GET 3 BONUS: Earn $100 for every enrollment with a qualified purchase and make even more for every third enrollment with a qualified purchase.

Get people to become Social Marketers on your team, buy the $399 Social Marketer Collection, and join the Social Marketer Loyalty Program, and you’ll earn bonuses. When you enroll a third Social Marketer to your team, you’ll get an additional bonus. After you earn your first GET 3 Bonus, you are qualified for overrides, and can earn the TEAM 3 Bonus.

TEAM 3 BONUS: Help your team members GET 3 and you’ll get an additional bonus.

When one of your team members gets their GET 3 Bonus, you can get paid an additional bonus. The override bonus goes to the first Social Marketer in the upline that is qualified, meaning they have also earned the GET 3 Bonus.

You have from now until the end of October to get qualified and earn these bonuses. If your team qualifies and earns their bonuses faster than you do though, the overrides will roll up past you to the next Social Marketer who is qualified— and you’ll miss out on the TEAM 3 Bonus. So don’t wait to enroll your first 3 Social Marketers and earn your GET 3 bonus — then help your team earn their GET 3 bonus.


Help 12 of your team members GET 3 and you’ll potentially earn more than $10,000 in bonuses!

Earn weekly income for achieving seller titles.
Now every time you hit a seller title, even if you’ve already hit it, you can get a bonus, and we’ll pay out on it weekly.

Achieve Elite status with Modere and earn up to $250,000 in bonuses. Help your team members achieve Elite status too and you can potentially earn up to an additional $750,000.

Share your experience, your before and after, get your friends to share too and you could win a trip to the Emmys!

Any enrollments of $399 Social Marketer Collection and Social Marketer Loyalty Program count toward GET 3 Bonus qualification.
If you got 3 in June and made less than $500, Modere will pay the difference.
Weekly Selling Rewards
Weekly GET 3, TEAM 3
Elite Lifestyle Consistency Bonuses
Social Media Buzz Campaign

NOTE: Share Program Suspended Starting June 28
In this pre-launch phase, we have built some amazing bonuses into the duplication model so we are temporarily suspending the weekly activity share pool. While the share program is core to what we do, with this pre-launch phase the duplication of your team will actually go faster and you’ll be able to earn more dollars with this pre-launch incentive.

The way you earn shares today are two basic behaviors— acquiring customers and building your team. We’ve covered both of those avenues with this new duplication model. The new Social Marketer Recruiting Bonus covers the team building side and the new weekly selling reward covers those who focus on acquiring customers.

*Elite Lifestyle Bonuses are promotional bonuses only. Qualification for these bonuses is available for a limited time only. Each Elite Lifestyle Bonuses is paid out over a period of twelve to thirty-six commission months from the date the bonus is first achieved. Elite Lifestyle Bonuses require Elite team members to be in separate lines. For complete details please refer to the promotion section in the Modere Career Path document.

Rules & Restrictions:

Gaming and Stacking is strictly prohibited. Gaming includes providing financial assistance to Social Marketers, violating one Social Marketer per Social Marketer account and the enrolling of fictitious accounts. New Social Marketers must have unique addresses and forms of payment to be eligible to count toward Get 3, Team 3 Bonuses. If Modere finds instances of gaming or stacking all commissions paid will be deducted from future payments and the Social Marketer will be subject disciplinary action in conjunction with Modere Policy and Procedures.

An “enrollment” is defined as a Social Marketer who joins Modere with the Modere Social Marketer Collection and opts into the Modere Loyalty Program at the time of enrollment.

To participate in the Get 3, Team 3 Bonus a Social Marketer must join with the Modere Social Marketer Collection and opt into the Modere Loyalty Program at the time of enrollment or qualify as a Director One or higher within the Modere Career Path. The Social Marketer must also qualify with 150 AP or 75 MP Loyalty Order in the current or previous month. To qualify for Team 3 Bonuses a Social Marketer must first get 3 and maintain 150 AP or 75 MP on the Loyalty Program per month.

The Get 3, Team 3 Earning example includes Get 3, Team 3 Bonuses, Unilevel earnings and Rank Bonuses. Team 3 Bonuses are paid to the next upline Team 3 qualified Social Marketer.