When Craig Colyar announced the new Modere Meetups events at SRC, there was a wave of excitement. But when registration actually opened, we were thrilled to see how much this resonated with Social Marketers! On the first day registration opened, we had a rush of 52 meetups and thousands of people clamoring to register! Since then, the list has only grown. Congratulations to all Social Marketers who are participating in a meetup this April!

Thanks to this mad rush, the top incentives have already been claimed! We are excited to announce the following winners:

First Meetups to Have 100+ Registered Attendees

  • Margie Aliprandi, Patti Miner and Justin Pitts
  • Courtney Roswell

Congratulations! As the first two meetups with at least  100 registered to attend, each host/host team will get a Digital Meeting in a Box plus event branding supplies to use at their meetup! Modere will also provide a corporate guest speaker at their event! On top of that, the hosts get a $250 product credit automatically added to their accounts.

Additionally, all attendees at these meetups will receive a sample of Modere Logiq™ with TetraBlend™ Coffee, awesome Modere swag, and the opportunity to hear from a corporate guest speaker!

First Meetups to have 50+ Registered Attendees

  • Amy Burnie
  • Tracey Giles
  • Amber Brill

Huge cheers for Amy, Tracey and Amber for having more than 50 registered to attend their meetups! (That’s right, there’s still one last incentive remaining for anyone who signs up to host a meetup with at least 50 attendees!) Each of our incentive winners receive a Digital Meeting in a Box, plus hosts get $150 in product credit automatically added to their accounts. Their meetup attendees will also get samples of Modere Logiq with Tetrablend Coffee, as well as some Modere SWAG!

First Meetups to Have 25+ Registered Attendees:

  • Lauren Hoerig
  • Dena Peacock
  • Stacey Hill
  • Tracey Anderson
  • Cathy Jespersen

All meetups to register with at least 25 people signed up to attend will receive a Digital Meeting in a Box to help create an exciting, engaging and informative event! Congrats to our first five hosts to qualify! They, and all future qualifying hosts, will also get a bonus $50 product credit automatically added to their account. Attendees at these meetups will get to sample some delicious Modere Logiq™ with TetraBlend™ Coffee too!  

We are so excited for everyone who gets to participate in these highly anticipated Modere Meetups! To see what all the fuss is about, find a meetup near you. Don’t see one close by? Host your own! There is still one incentive package available for the first Social Marketer who  signs up to host a meetup with at least 50 registered to attend! For meetups registered with at least 25 attendees, the number of available incentive packages is unlimited. If you’re interested in hosting a meetup—and taking advantage of our available incentives—find more information here.