It’s time to #GETSOCIAL! Socials are how you launch your business successfully here at Modere. Socials are a time to have fun, let people try the product, and socialize. It’s your responsibility to create such an environment.

The good news is we don’t want you to be alone as you take the steps toward starting a successful business. Your Back Office has a vault of resources and tools to help you along your way.

A complete social experience consists of five basic elements:

  1. Set Up and Prep
  2. The Welcome
  3. Presentation
  4. Your Modere Experience
  5. Follow Up

Of course, you may find more success as you tailor each Social to those who attend. We will look at using Modere I/D for your first social. This will cover many of the essentials for you to get started on the path to success!

Set Up and Prep
Before you get this party started, there is some prep work that needs to happen. Print off several copies of the Social Sign-In sheet from your back office. This lists everyone you want to attend, who invited them, and their contact info. And speaking of the Back Office, this is where you will find all the files, videos, and other tools to help run your business.

As you set up, inform those intending the process of testing the Modere products. Let them know they will be washing their faces in preparation to use Modere I/D. Have all the necessary supplies like wash clothes, towels, hair ties, and of course, the actual product. Keep the experience in one part of the home to avoid any distractions.

Do a test run on all the equipment and videos you will be using. You don’t want any surprises. Make sure the room is spacious enough to hold everyone comfortably and while you’re in the process of preparing, phone a friend! Enlist some help to make things easier for you. There’s no reason you should do this all on your own.

Make sure to send out a few reminders a couple of hours before you start.

The Welcome
The Modere Playlist will set the mood as people enter your home. This time is spent greeting and introducing, and allowing people to mingle. Encourage everyone to prepare for the presentation by cleaning and exfoliating their faces.

This is where you should get everyone excited for the Social.

START ON TIME! Remember, everyone’s time is valuable and they are stepping away from their busy lives to see what all the excitement is. Don’t waste their time, either. Be prompt and to the point will have a lasting effect on everyone.

Introductions should only last a minute or two. Keep it short and once you’re done with that, play the Introduction to Modere I/D video, or any video that talks more about the product you want to showcase.

If you have a product testimonial, LEAD WITH THAT. People want to know if a product works and it only solidifies your business if you can SHOW people it works.

Your Modere Experience
This is where your guests will get into the nitty-gritty of the Social. Walk everyone through the steps to use Modere I/D or the M3 Weight Management System. Once everyone is done, hand out order forms. Make sure you walk through the form and invite any questions at this time.

Questions are a big part of your Social, but don’t try to sound too smart. People will know if you’re making something up. If you don’t know the answer, let them know you will find out later and get back with them.

If any of your guests are ready to be Social Marketers, give them enrollment form the Next Step form and set a time to follow up with a one-on-one. It’s important they know you’re going to be there for them, providing them with insight and experience to help them profit in their business.

Invite everyone to Live Clean for Free by having their own social and explain how it works.

Remember, all this information is in your Back Office.

Follow Up
The fortune is in the follow up. Not everyone is going to say yes to you, but if you don’t ask them, they’ve already said no. Follow up with all guests. Thank those new customers and remind them of the offer to Live Clean for Free. Call new Social Marketers and go through the next steps of their journey and also speak about qualifying for Escape.

For those who couldn’t attend, let them know what they missed and invite them to the next Social.

Once your home is empty and the doors are closed, reflect on what went well and what you can improve on for next time. Each Social gives you the chance to keep creating the foundation of a successful business.