It may be winter, but our Canadian Social Marketers are on fire! After an extremely successful launch in 2017, we’re ready to bring the party back north.

Join us in Vancouver, April 27–28, 2018 as we celebrate successes, recognize one another’s achievements, and Ignite business like never before.

Attending a Modere event is important. The priceless business tips, insights and entrepreneurial skills gained by event-goers could be the key to help you build an empire. But for many, getting to an event can be financially challenging.

As we near our next event, we wanted to present a few tips to help you get there, especially if you’re on a budget.

These simple tips will assist in your effort to attend this invaluable upcoming event, and allow you to come learn from best and brightest in the industry.


The last day to register at the discounted price of $129.00/ SM ticket is April 22nd at midnight MT. Thereafter, prices will increase to $169.00/ SM ticket.


Once you register for the event, book your hotel room with our discounted group rate here.

View the event agenda here.


These days, the majority of travel expenses can be attributed to airfare. Especially if you fly during peak times, you will pay for it. So how can you cut costs when traveling? Tuesday’s a great day to book your flights, specifically around 3 PM EST. That’s when many airlines open up their deals and feature the lowest prices. Traveling during off-peak times like Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday will help you lock in the best deals as well.

Make sure you compare airfares! This is key. Don’t settle on the first price you see. is a handy site that pulls flight information from almost every single airline and allows you to view and compare all the prices at once.

Also, settle on a little inconvenience. Connecting flights may take longer, but they can save you a bundle over the cost of a direct flight. Flights that route through larger airports (hubs) can also feature lower prices. Compare prices between neighboring airports to see which flights are less expensive. It may be worth it to book a redeye flight, too. It’s not ideal, but the savings may outweigh the inconvenience.


Traveling in company can save money on food, lodging, and transportation. If you’re planning on going to the event and are within driving distance of another event-goer, carpool! Split gas money, take a cooler and pack it with food, and then book a room together. As you and your team travel together, this will give you the opportunity to swap your business ideas and talk about how you can be successful.


This may sound silly, but financially speaking, it’s a smart strategy. Go on vacation or any business trip, and you will see a large chunk of your traveling expenditure going to food. recommends purchasing groceries while on a trip, instead of eating out. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacking or what-have-you; all of these can quickly add up, eroding your budget in a big way. Many hotel rooms include a fridge and a microwave. You can easily find staples at the local supermarket for breakfast and lunch, and stock them in your room during your stay.

We hope you are gearing up for an amazing event. Between the spectacular presentations and networking opportunities, you won’t want to miss what goes on behind these doors!

We can’t wait to see you there.