Wondering if it’s worth it to invite your friends to attend one of the Post Regional Tour stops? YES!

"These tour events are absolutely magical! We are 100 percent on enrollment for every prospect who attended the San Diego and Orange County meetings. Leverage the vision and passion of these great leaders." — Margie Aliprandi, Elite 3 Social Marketer

The best way to introduce a prospect to Modere and the new M1 Anti-Aging System is to connect them with one of our Social Marketer leaders— and this month they are coming to you! Bringing you the details on the new tools, business incentives, and first-hand experience with the M1 Anti-Aging System, this is an event you will want to invite all of your friends and family to attend.

Why should you go to these events?

  • You can invite friends and prospects and have the event "do the talking"
  • The rare chance to meet the amazing successful guest speaker
  • Get the training you need face-to-face from Elite Social Marketers
  • Re-ignite the passion if you’re an existing Social Marketer.
  • Get a clear vision of your why and whats possible if you reach that vision.
  • Learn how to optimize the pre-launch bonuses.
  • Find out what’s working with prospecting.

"These events are the best place to absorb new tips on whats coming. Not only will you hear the best inviting language, you’ll also learn how to get a big check when M1 launches and what to do in this phase of our business to NOT leave money on the table." —  Ashley Aliprandi, Director One Social Marketer


At the Shreveport, LA event, this week, Stephanie Easterling, Team Leader, was the perfect host. She got a great group of people to attend the event and everyone who left is now fired up and excited about their future with Modere. Promoting this event well meant that people came in from as far away as Dallas, TX, to hear all about Modere.

There is still time for you to invite your friends to one of these events. Our Elite Social Marketers will be continuing the tour at the following cities in July:

For all of the details on upcoming events like these or other Modere events, check out the Shifting Retail Events page. This page will have the most important details such as the time of the event, the venue and who will be attending. Stay in the know!