Let the race to order M3 begin! Starting April 1, we will release the cleanest weight management system, the M3 Body System, to customers. Even though it will be open to everyone, Modere Social Marketers and their customers will have the exclusive opportunity to share this system. New customers cannot purchase the new system without a referral link from a current Social Marketer or customer. This provides a unique opportunity to all Social Marketers to get rewarded for everyone who makes a purchase!

The New M3 product page on Modere.com

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Modere will feature a new webpage that is unique to the M3 System and is only accessible through a code from Social Marketers. Much like the Modere I/D page, this is a special product page with loads of product information. Here, everyone can get information on all of the products of the M3 system including Sync, Slim, and Flourish.

How do customers get the link?
This is where you, the Social Marketer, comes in. Your personal web page (PWP) is your primary resource. It all starts when you meet someone. Talk to them about your M3 journey and how it worked for you.

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We encourage you to use the following as a guide for the invitation:

“Hey have you ever heard of Modere?

It’s a new weight loss system that is having a lot of success.

I committed to _______________.
(Example – a new weight loss system, to getting in better shape, trying to change my life, living a healthier life, etc.)

My goal is to _________________.
(Examples – lose 15 pounds, run a 5k, fit into my old jeans, etc.)

I’m looking for three people who want to join me. Are you interested in losing some weight? I’ll send you a link.”

Click here to join Elite 3 Justin Prince with more tips and training to help you get started.

At your PWP (youraddress.shiftingretail.com), they will review product information and have the option to purchase as a customer, or join as a Social Marketer at the bottom of the page. If they want to be a Social Marketer, they will enroll from your page. If they click Buy Now – they will automatically be directed to the unique M3 page at Modere.com where they can purchase and share M3.

Either way, you get rewarded for sharing M3. Your site and your link are automatically recorded, giving you credit for the purchase.

Get the Best Deal with Shop Smart with M3

Save money on your monthly essentials while you lose weight! When you add M3 to your Smart Ship, you will get a $25 credit each month to use on any other product on Modere.com. It’s the best deal we offer at our site and that’s why we call it Shop Smart. This product credit can be used on anything and is applied EVERY MONTH you Shop Smart.

Make sure you get out and start sharing this amazing weight-management system with those looking for a change. Even if your friends aren’t looking to drop a lot of weight, let them know M3 does more than that. It can help increase energy or curb cravings and overall, help them anyone achieve their best self.

How do customers share it?

At the bottom of our new M3 page is a fancy little share button. Customers can share across all their social channels or share the link directly through email. No matter how they share the love, they receive a $10 credit to spend at Modere their friend makes their first purchase. First time customers also receive a $10 credit toward their first purchase.

The #M3Pledge Community

When someone you know purchases M3, help them get ready! Follow up with them and tell them about the M3 Facebook community. This group has hundreds of people who have shared their tips, experiences and have faced many of the same hurdles. Some of them will just be starting the M3 journey. This is where customers of the M3 Body System will go for motivation and other help.