Ian Lenhart is a recent college graduate from the University of New Hampshire. He is currently working for a technology startup company in addition to Modere. Ian was introduced to Modere from his friend Sheel Patel (current Social Marketing Director Three) who told Ian that he was “gon’ learn today.” After that, Ian was hooked on the concept of Social Retail.

Ultimately, Ian wants to be able to travel the world while building his business and helping others live clean. He wants all new Social Marketers to remember to help everyone succeed even if they are not a part of your business because, “when Modere wins, we all win!”

Ian is so proud of his team and how happy Modere has made them. Whenever things get tough, he stays encouraged by remembering why he signed up and always tries to “find a way to make the magic happen.”

Congratulations on hitting D1 Ian!