Modere enters the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the social-selling space.

What if you never had to wonder when someone on your team might need a little extra help? What if you always knew where to focus your attention to yield maximum results, without wasting your efforts?

Who is MIA (Modere Intelligent Assistant)?

Launching April 2, 2019, MIA is a one-of-a-kind assistant designed to help you do more with your business. Part AI and predictive analytics, MIA automatically monitors your team members and customers to determine their level of engagement, so you know exactly when and where to focus your attention to achieve the best outcomes.  

Our Live Clean message is so powerful, there’s no better way to keep your contacts engaged than by reaching out to those who may need some extra attention, and help improve your team’s success for years to come.  

What Does MIA Mean for My Business?

MIA saves you valuable time and energy while providing deep insight into your team’s behavioral patterns. You’ll also experience peace of mind knowing you won’t have to wonder which Social Marketers or customers on your team are at risk of leaving, or how to prevent them from doing so. MIA’s alerts will identify those who could use some extra attention and guide you on how to quickly engage and help them. This enables you to proactively support your team and set them (and yourself!) up for long-term success. Imagine what you can accomplish if everyone on your team is using the alerts!

MIA helps you focus on your customers and Social Marketers with a personal touch, one at a time. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to invest your resources, especially when onboarding with our social retail model. MIA is designed to empower everyone based on the knowledge that when a Social Marketer can promptly identify and respond to a team member or customer’s needs, the likelihood that that person will continue to actively engage can increase dramatically. This leads to higher retention rates, and potentially greater and more consistent earnings.

Imagine what you can accomplish if everyone on your team is using the alerts!

Ready to engage more with your team?

You will be automatically opted in to this program based upon your existing settings. When MIA detects an opportunity for you to act, you’ll receive a text notification. You may opt out at any time.

SRC 2019 MIA Training Video