While scrolling through her news feed on Facebook, Jackie Wilson came across a little “M” on a friend’s Facebook page and it sparked her interest. To find out more, she contacted that friend, Joni Robbins, and was then introduced to Modere. “If you know Joni, you know she planted DEEP seeds with me that day!”

Jackie knows that when she feels low she can always count on someone from her team to help encourage her. She has great pride in her team and watching it grow. “I am so inspired by every single person on my team. I love their tenacity and their drive! It pushes me and inspires me to be better than I was the day before.”

If there is ever a social marketer that is struggling, Jackie says that they should never give up on their dreams. While there will be both good and bad moments in building a business, it’s important to remember to keep your chin up and celebrate successes because it is all worth it! “Your dreams have to be bigger than life and they have to inspire you to keep going, no matter what!”

With the help of her team, Jackie has achieved the title of Director 1 in less than three months with Modere. Congratulations Jackie!