Director 1, Jaliyla Tilman, started her career in network marketing in 2010 and brought her talents to Modere in 2016. Since joining, Jaliyla has found a new way to engage and sell clean-label products to people in a new, fresh way. And since she’s a walking product of the M3 Pledge, her testimony of the products are helping her reach new levels of success.

We asked Jaliyla to share her journey with us, why she’s here, and some advice she has for other Social Marketers.

What is your professional background?

Originally, I was a full-time Human Resource Specialist contractor for the Washington D.C. government. In 2010, I started my network marketing career and saw some good success with the job. I quit my full-time job to take this marketing business full-time. I pursued that until January 2016 and at this time, I led a quarter-million dollar team of 50+ women who were consistently selling over $70k in sales annually.

Who introduced you to Modere?

It was at this time my friend Jessie Lee Ward introduced me to the company. We had previously worked at another company, so we knew each other quite well. She knew I was looking for a new opportunity and trying something a bit different with more professional growth.

I was unhappy where I was and couldn’t stand being stagnant and just tired of hustling inventory and doing parties every week. Jessie’s timing was perfect and I knew it was the opportunity I was waiting for.

What sparked your interest in Modere?

I was looking into Modere and instantly falling in love with the products. I tried so many items and loved all of them. The idea of clean, natural products was a perfect fit for my lifestyle. I also saw the opportunity to make double the compensation from what I was making at my other company.

Modere’s mission was also so much different than what I was used to. Their energy was through the roof. There was no drama or hate. Social Marketers were all working toward the common goal and constantly lifting each other up.

Another thing that drew me in was Modere was growing fast and I was coming in on the ground floor. They had changed the way network marketing works. I only knew one way to sell–through parties and talking to people face to face. Modere was giving us a way to earn true, residual income.

What is your ultimate goal at Modere?

I want to be able to grow professionally, achieve Elite status, and continue to do my part to help change lives for the better. Ours is a business that helps people feel better inside and out and that’s my passion! If I can help catapult this company to the next level and provide a voice of diversity to help make sure that happens, then I can’t ask for much more.

What’s been a memorable experience while with Modere?

Winning the all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico was brilliant, and I hadn’t even been with the company a whole year! Honestly, I’ve met so many amazing, powerful people from all walks of life here. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with some of the most amazing people in the industry. What better experience could I ask for? It’s an amazing perk, being able to enjoy the leadership that genuinely encourages your business to grow.

What words of advice do you have for others?

You have to remember why you joined this cause. For me, I remember all the bills I have to pay and how annoying bill collectors are! There are things I want to have in my life and so I need to be committed to myself (I even give myself pep talks once in awhile).

I would also tell others it’s important to make adjustments and improve on certain behaviors. Figure out what you can fix and don’t take criticisms too harshly. Eventually, you will find out a system that works for you.

It is easy to become discouraged but we all know your mind is your own worst critic. Learn to encourage yourself as well as those around you. Did you miss out on Living Clean for Free one month? Do it next month! Things don’t magically happen overnight. You’ll always have another chance to do things again, and that’s the beauty of network marketing.

Not achieving something today doesn’t make you a failure or a bad person. Dust yourself off and try again.