Since joining Modere, Jessie Lee Ward achieved amazing results and created a life of financial freedom. Her passion for the Live Clean philosophy and powerful leadership has recently helped her reach Elite 2, giving others a remarkable path to follow.

“Social Marketers like Jessie Lee Ward are what make Modere such a special place to work,” stated Justin Serra, Modere General Manager. “She has created an atmosphere where people don’t just ask questions, they try the products, follow in her footsteps, and find success. She has the mark of a true leader, always leading by example.”

Jessie Lee quickly made the jump from Director to Elite 1 and in a few short months, elevated to Elite 2. When asked what has helped her the most, she couldn’t help but talk about her team.

“I truly get to lead the best team in the world. They are so driven and when we work together, we all win together. People see our team winning contests, see our names on the leaderboards, and notice the kind of loving, winning, let’s-do-it-together culture we’ve created.”

Since day one, Jessie Lee has seen the potential of Modere, which is why she’s been able to cultivate such a superior team.

“I am extremely competitive so it’s great to be running with a company that features so many incentives. I think that Modere is happening at the right time with the right people. They have the right products and a competitive compensation plan. Bigger and better leaders are continually being attracted to Modere. All of this is coming together to help product steady, consistent performers within Modere.”

Silver Elite 3 Social Marketer and Modere partner, Justin Prince, said of Jessie Lee, “Having someone as powerful as her as a leader in your company is rare. She isn’t just creating success for herself, she’s doing it for her team. She’s creating a lasting legacy others can emulate!”

Now that Jessie Lee has hit Elite 2, her sights are naturally aimed at Elite 3 and creating more of an opportunity for her downline.

“Modere has given me the opportunity to work from home with no parties. I don’t have to leave my family or ruin my car, and I’m able to provide the lifestyle we’ve always wanted. It’s amazing being in a business and seeing what working from home has done for my marriage.

“I’m not great at making the standard 5- or 10- year goals because like many others, I strive to outperform my own expectations. Honestly, how great would it be to see a slew of Elite 3’s? I want my team to change the world!”

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