Congratulations to Kacie Pinnock, September’s winner of Modere’s 90-day Transformation Challenge. On October 4th when she completed her 90 days, she had lost 28 pounds and a total of 33 inches. These inches included areas around the arms and legs, hips, waist, and chest. It’s no easy task to change lifestyle habits, but with M3, Kacie was able to accomplish a monumental task.

“I heard about Modere from my friend, Maria Lambros. I had met her at a former work place. I attended a few of her parties and we quickly became friends. When she joined Modere, I started watching some of her live videos she was doing. She seemed so happy and I was excited for her.

“Then, I started to notice she was losing weight. I could easily see she was beginning to shrink. This was something I had always struggled with and so naturally, I asked her what she was doing. This is when she introduced me to M3 and the whole Modere company.

“After a lot of research—I wasn’t one to just jump into something—I started M3 in July of 2016. During my life, I had tried everything to lose weight and control my eating habits, yet nothing ever worked. Nothing. I’ve always been one who is obsessed with food and there were times when I let it run my life.

“I was also sitting at 200 pounds; 50 pounds heavier than I was after trying to restrict my calories. Taking the M3 Pledge was a leap of faith for me, but it worked. I lost seven pounds in my first week and I felt better than I had ever felt on all the other diets. I started sleeping better, my joints were beginning to notice the difference, and I started to feel better on the inside. My energy levels had spiked, it helped me break my need for coffee, and I wasn’t crashing at 4PM every single day!

“Most importantly, M3 helped me crush my obsession with food. Now I can eat without feeling guilty and enjoy the meals I want with family and friends. And, everything I’ve done on M3, I did without exercising, which makes this system so manageable.

“When I started on M3, I pledged to not drink sugary beverages, take 7500 steps, and drink more water. When I weighed in on October 4th, I was at 173.8, which was about 28 pounds lost. I actually weighed in again on October 8th and was down to 170 pounds! I feel better than I ever did and it’s all thanks to Maria, M3, and Modere.”

We are so proud of Kacie and all she has done. Her results are inspiring and we can’t wait to see what her M3 testimony will do for her business!