Kelton French came to Modere with his mother, Monica, and has been an inspiration to everyone he meets. He’s also a musician, and now, he’s a new Director 2 at Modere! In a few short months, Kelton has taken the Live Clean philosophy of Modere and used it to create a successful business.

His experience is sure to inspire others who are looking to follow the same path. Keep reading to see how his journey in life has led him to where he is today!

“I grew up singing country music. From American Idol to Nashville Star and The Voice–I was all over. Later on, I signed a contract in Nashville with a producer. Really, music has always been the center of my life and my career focus.

“In 2014, I was introduced to clean living and was absolutely amazing in the difference it had on my life and the life of my family. In 2016, my mom, Monica French, was introduced to Modere and brought me along with here–I’ve been hooked since day one!

“What really sparked my interested with Modere, though, were the products. They work! M3 has helped me lose weight and my goal is to share the success I’ve had with this product and help others duplicate that success.”

“In the short time my wife and I have been with Modere, we’ve found ourselves creating so many memories. From earning an income that supports us to earning a Modere experience to earning an Escape–we’ve created a lot of memories and we are only just getting started.

“Probably one of the proudest most memorable moments so far, though, has been using M3. I had to go to the store and not have to purchase 36-inch waist pants. Instead, I walked out with 33-inch waist pants! On top of that, I went from 214 pounds to 200 pounds in just under two months. Who doesn’t love those kinds of results!”

Of course, success like this doesn’t happen overnight. We asked Kelton what kinds of strategies he implemented to keep him going during times when things weren’t going so well. What kind of advice does he have for other Social Marketers?

“I always remember Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. There were always scared of the ghosts, but they never quit, even when they were discouraged. They always pushed forward to get the man behind the mask. If I let one day or week of discouragement get in my way, then I’ll never be successful! It’s that simple. I will always push through and unmask the discouragement.

“No matter what it is in life, whether it be your faith, a story, or success, share. Always share your experiences and knowledge with others. Never keep what you know to yourself. Someone out there could benefit from what you know and may be searching for what you have. It could change their life! Never be scared to share your story.”