Kristi works as a Behavioral Consultant for children with Autism. Her position requires her to improve the quality of life for every child and family affected by Autism. She strives to allow kids an opportunity to reach their full potential. Her experiences and abilities at work have helped her motivate and help those within the Modere community.

She’s no stranger when it comes to showing others how to live the same lifestyle she’s found since becoming a Social Marketer with Modere. Being a Social Marketer has had a positive impact on Kristi’s life. “It’s reassured me that I’m meant to help people in life. And by living clean and being healthy, it’s helped me feel confident while doing it!”

For Kristi, Modere opened up new doors and new experiences. When she wants to attract new customers, all she does is talk to them. When talking to potential customers, Kristi’s go-to is talking about the affordable, natural products. Those who have discovered Modere through Kristi, understand her passions and the powerful effect she’s had on them.

“I’ve loved being able to help others on the M3 journey and receiving those private messages telling me ‘thank you’. It’s just amazing. And being able to reach Platinum and Team leader, along with having 37 customers in one month was such a proud moment.”
Congratulations Kristi on everything you’ve accomplished! We can’t wait to see what you achieve next.