Kristina Hayes is one of Modere’s newest Platinum Social Marketers. She continues to play a massive role in helping spread Modere’s Live Clean mission. Her passion for the products and desire to serve others helped her reach this tier of success.

We recently reached out to her to find out more about her background, how she found Modere, and some advice she may have for other Social Marketers.

What is your professional background?

I currently work in sales and distribution for a large manufacturer of bakery ingredients.

What sparked your interest in Modere?
When I found Modere, I was looking for a way to lose weight and live healthier. I took the M3 Pledge and tried several other products as well. I fell in love with everything, so the choice was simple to become a Social Marketer.

To date, what has been your most memorable Modere experience?
I am fairly new to the business; however, the messages and emails from friends and family sharing their successes with me have been astounding! I love hearing how Modere continues to change lives. It’s also been an amazing experience to hit platinum. I’m starting to believe in myself enough to make a change.

What to do you like about Social Retail?

The means of making money without giving up time with what is most important, which is my family. I love being able to share my successes with others and see how excited they get. Being real and truthful with people I meet has really helped me build a business.

What motivation do you have for others Social Marketers who may be struggling to move forward?

I love watching others succeed at something. This business opportunity has given me the chance to motivate others into a clean living way of life and to become healthier as well. That’s what others should look at when they hit a roadblock. In order to change a life, you have to be willing to make that change yourself. You’re not alone.