It’s no secret that dieting is confusing and tough. From finding time to workout to cutting back on calories and eating healthier, there can be a lot that goes into dieting. Plus, there are so many options!

M3 Body System

The M3 Body System, combined with the M3 Pledge, work hand-in-hand to help you be the best you. The system includes 3 parts: SAVI Slim, Flourish, and Sync. These three products use naturally-occurring ingredients that are present in the popular Mediterranean diet.  They are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, amino acids, and include naturally-occurring ingredients.

The M3 Pledge
The M3 Pledge is a major component of this system and the Mediterranean lifestyle as well. This pledge assists with any body transformation. The pledge presents you with five options. All you need to do is pick three. That’s it. Just three things.

  • Drink 5 glasses of water. It’s no secret how drinking water helps every aspect of your being. Regardless of the pledge, you should always be doing this.
  • Eliminate sugary drinks. This could be a bit more difficult. Soda, some juices, even smoothies can contain vast amounts of sugar. Take a look at what you’re drinking. Maybe this is something you can change.
  • Cut out fried foods. For some, this takes a lot of dedication. Let’s say you forget a lunch for work or you go out with some friends. Chances are, people are going somewhere quick. Look at the menu in advance and see what’s there that isn’t fried.
  • Eliminate the white stuff (flour, rice, and sugar). This potentially could be the biggest life change you make. It’s no easy feat cutting sugar, rice, AND flour from your diet. But if you can do it for 30 days, you will see results. When making this pledge, use your friends, family, and team members as a support system to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Walk 7500 steps. Take a few walks at work. Wake up early. Go out with a significant other and enjoy the weather.

Pick up your 3 M3 products—then pledge 3. It’s simple but that’s one of the reasons you can do it! Head over to our Facebook page, take the M3 Pledge, and sign up for our Body Transformation Challenge.

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