DATES: June 13 – 17, 2018

QUALIFICATION PERIOD: July 1, 2017 – March 30, 2018


Are you ready for an all-expenses paid vacation to the beautiful Now Jade Rivera Cancun Resort in Puerto Morelos? From June 13 to June 17, all those who qualified for a Modere Escape will pack their bags and join us on the sandy beaches of Puerto Morelos. We hope to see you there!

Modere Lifestyle Experience
Choose from over ten different experiences from skydiving adventures, custom suits, shopping sprees and more.
Modere 2018 Escape Accommodations
Receive all expenses paid accommodations for two.  Enjoy the crystal clear water, beautiful beaches and all the amenities of a world class resort for four nights and five days.
Modere 2018 Escape Accommodations and Airfare for One
In addition to all expenses paid accommodations for two, receive airfare for one.
Modere 2018 Escape Accommodations and Airfare for Two
In addition to all expenses paid accommodations for two, receive airfare for two.
2018 VIP Modere Escape
Live the life of luxury with upgraded Modere Escape accommodations. Enjoy top-notch amenities at the resort.
Royal Modere Escape
Feel like royalty and enjoy the finest accommodations, first-class airfare, and private transfers for two.



  1. Bronze or New Social Marketer
    Qualify as Bronze or personally enroll at least one new Social Marketer with a first order of a minimum 150 points.
  2. Maintain Highest Builder titles
    Qualify no less than one Builder Title below your highest achieved Builder Title.

    1. Attend Modere Events
      Attend either the Modere SRC or a Regional during the qualification period to redeem your reward points.
  3. Meet the monthly 150 AP Qualification
    Social Marketers must have 150 AP or 75 MP on SmartShip each month to earn and bank credits each month.
  4. New Leader Development
    Develop a new Director leg based on enrollment structure and be eligible to redeem your credits for an Escape. Develop a new Team Leader leg based on enrollment structure and be eligible to redeem credits for an Experience.

Credits are awarded based on the Team Builder Bonus and Monthly Promoter Bonus earned each month during the qualification period.

Team Builder Bonuses are awarded based on the Builder Title and Enrollment Organization Points. Promoter Bonuses are based on the total Customer Points in a Social Marketers POD and the number of active customers.

ELITE 1 25,000
ELITE 2 30,000
ELITE 3 35,000
BRONZE 2,000
SILVER 4,000
GOLD 6,000
PLATINUM 1 10,000
PLATINUM 2 15,000
PLATINUM 3 20,000


Earn Bonus Points for Silver
Social Marketers who qualify as Silver for eight out of nine months during qualification period will earn 14,000 Bonus Credits which are awarded at the end of the qualification period.


  1. All Social Marketers have a highest achieved rank. This is based on the highest builder rank they have achieved since joining Modere.  To be eligible to earn lifestyle credits the Social Marketer must at least maintain the second highest builder rank achieved.   If a Social Marketer falls two or more builder ranks below their highest achieved builder rank, they will not be eligible for any lifestyle credits that month.  To receive lifestyle credits in the future they must requalify at the second highest or highest rank achieved.  For example if a Social Marketer’s highest rank is Director 2, the Social Marketer must qualify as D1 or higher to be eligible to earn credits.
  2. To be eligible to earn Lifestyle Credits the Social Marketer must meet the Bronze or New Social Marketer requirement. There are two ways to satisfy this monthly requirement; qualify as bronze or higher that month or personally enroll one new Social Marketer with a first order of 150 points or more.  Social Marketers will be allowed one grace month during the qualification period.  During the grace month the Social Marketer will be awarded Lifestyle Credits one time if this requirement is missed.  After the grace month, if the Bronze or New Social Marketer requirements not met, the Social Marketer will not receive lifestyle credits for that month.
  3. Social Marketers register and attend at least one Social Retail Conference or Modere Regional event during the qualification period to be eligible to redeem their Modere Lifestyle Rewards. This includes redemption of Modere Escapes and Experiences or any other prizes awarded through the Modere Lifestyle Rewards program.
  4. Social Marketers must continue to be personally qualified each month during the qualification period. Qualified is defined as achieving 150 AP or having a 75 MP SmartShip each month.  If a Social Marketer is not personally qualified, they will not receive credits that month and any credits previously earned will be revoked.  The Social Marketer will not begin accumulating points until they meet the qualification requirement.
  5. To qualify for a Modere Escape, a Social Marketer must develop a new Director Leg within his or her enrollment structure. To qualify for the Modere Experience Social Marketer must develop a new Team Leader Leg within the enrollment structure.The new leg does not need to be personally enrolled. For example the new D1 or higher leg will be credited to the next upline Social Marketer who is D1 or higher based on the enrollment structure.  The credit is given in the first month that new Social Marketer achieves Director 1 or higher.  A Social Marketer may only count one time as a new leg and can used for only one upline Social Marketer.  The new leg can also come from an existing Social Marketer who has already achieved TL or Director, but achieves a new higher rank for the first time during the qualification period. For example a Director One who achieve Director Two for the first time during the qualification period will satisfy the new Director leg requirement. A Team Leader who achieves Senior Team Leader for the first time during the qualification period will satisfy the new Team Leader leg requirement.
  6. Social Marketers must be in good standing with Modere to participate in Experiences and Escapes.
  7. Any misuse or gaming of qualifications will constitute a disqualification and the Social Marketer account will forfeit and be ineligible to participate.
  8. Credits may not be transferred or combined with other Social Marketer accounts.
  9. Each Social Marketer account is limited to one reward during the qualification period.
  10. Social Marketers will have 60 days to select a Modere Experience from the first contact date. If a Social Marketer does not select the Experience within this time frame, they will forfeit the Experience.
  11. Recipients must provide a testimonial and or pictures of previous Modere Experiences before another experience will be awarded.
  12. If a Social Marketer is unable to attend the current Modere Escape for circumstances beyond his or her control they must notify Modere in writing.
  13. Modere Escapes are non-transferable and the reward must be redeemed during the designated trip dates. Recipients will be required to have proper travel documentation.
  14. Modere Escape space is limited and will be filled on first come first serve basis based on the most Lifestyle Credits earned.
  15. Airfare includes one flight up to a value of $600.00 per roundtrip ticket.
  16. Accommodations include lodging, meals, transfers to and from the resort and airport, select activities and gifts for two.