When will the pilot product ship?

The pilot batch will begin shipping next week! Shipping confirmations will be emailed when the product is on its way out the door.

When will Social Marketers be billed for the M1 system?

Modere will begin processing the M1 Pilot System orders on Monday, July 27. An email reminder was sent on Thursday,  July 23, 2015 to all Social Marketers who have ordered the M1 system to inform them that the cards will start to be billed on Monday.

Which month will the commission points be credited to?

Points will be applied to the July commission month.

Where can I find an ingredient deck for the products?

We have intentionally not provided an ingredient deck yet. As part of the launch strategy, we are keeping a few cards up our sleeve until the product officially launches. Ingredient information will be included with the pilot product when they ship so those who have purchased the product will receive the ingredient deck. One the product officially launches the ingredient deck will be listed online like all other Modere products.

Can I repackage the M1 system into smaller containers to share samples?

No. Once Product A is dispensed from its original packaging the product begins to immediately activate. As a result the product will lose its effectiveness when the recipient attempts to use it.

Instead, consider sharing the product by inviting people to come to your home and try the M1 Anti-Aging System. You could even potentially send it home with them for one night to try as part of their nighttime routine.

How do I use the M1 system?

Step 1: Cleanse the skin with Modere Cleanser. Then use Modere Exfoliant.

Step 2: Dispense six pumps of Product A onto fingertips and lightly apply to the face in sweeping, circular motions. Do NOT attempt to rub into the skin as you would a moisturizer. Product will begin to bubble, signaling the delivery of oxygen and botanicals to the skin. Leave on for at least five minutes, longer if desired; bubbles will dissipate after several minutes and the skin will become slightly tacky to the touch. Note: if the product doesn’t foam up as much that’s okay, it varies by skin type. The product is still working. Rinse with warm water, then pat dry.

Step 3: Apply a pea size amount of Product B and gently massage it into the skin. Follow with Modere night cream if desired.

First 4 days: use Product A and Product B every evening as directed.

After 4 days: use Product A and Product B every other evening as directed. For best results use Product B daily.

These usage instructions will be included with all pre production orders.

Is it necessary to use Modere Cleanser and Modere Exfoliant before using the M1 system?

It is highly recommended to cleanse before using the M1 system to remove surface debris, oils, and dirt to allow the products to perform effectively. Exfoliating improves the overall experience by removing dead skin cells for better infusion and absorption.

Will I be able to buy just the M1 system in the future without the Modere Cleanser and Modere Exfoliant?

Yes, when the system officially launches it will be available as just Product A and Product B. However, Product A and Product B will be sold together.

Can I use M1 with other Modere Skin Care products?

You can insert this into your Modere skin care regimen for improved overall results.

Can I use M1 in the morning versus the evening?

You can, but we recommend doing it in the evening because it is easier for people to add new steps to their evening regimen than in the morning. Make it as easy as possible to make this part of your regular routine.

What will the price for M1 be once it is officially launched?

We are still working on what exactly the final M1 system will cost but it should be in the same range as the pilot system.

When will customer orders process?

They can pre-order the official, branded product now. We expect those to ship in mid-September.

Where can I find the details and instructions for the Bare Your Beautiful campaign?

Details for the contest will be included with your M1 system and are also available here. There will also be an email to remind you each week to post your Before and After pictures.

How should I take my Before and After picture?

1. Find a clean mirror.

2. Stand in the same place and look at the same spot on the wall for every picture.

3. Use the rear-facing camera and the mirror to get the most high-quality and consistent picture every time you take a picture to post about your experience.

4. Have the lighting be the same in every picture. Don’t rely on natural light.