Congratulations to Diane Malone, the grand winner of the M3 Pledge Transformation Challenge! The M3 Pledge helped Diane lose a total of 50 pounds, which was 22% of her body weight. She also lost 9 inches off her waist and 6 inches off her chest!

We are so proud of Diane and what she’s been able to accomplish with M3. You can check out the M3 Pledge page to see her reaction when she found out the good news. Before we told her though, we sat down with her and to talk to her about her journey on the M3 Pledge.

When did you start your M3 Pledge and who told you about it?
I heard about M3 from Joan Hoxter, who is an outstanding and wonderful friend and Social Marketer. She let me know about a product that was helping people see real results. So I started my M3 Pledge on May 1, 2016 but I didn’t actually submit any of my information until later in July.

What lifestyle choices did you make?

I did all of them! I was serious about my health and ready to go all in. When I joined, I wanted someone to do it with and naturally that person was my husband. He had a few things going on and I was trying to encourage him to take his health more seriously.

It just made sense that if we could both do it together, it would be much easier for the two of us. I committed to all five of the lifestyle changes, he committed to three of them and both of us have seen some outstanding results!

It was so much easier than I anticipated. I just took the 3 pills in the morning, took the shake during the day and never skipped the fiber at night. I prepackaged my shake in the mornings and took it to work with me. I also packed all my meals to take to work so I didn’t have to worry about going out for lunch or snacking throughout the day.

The one thing I noticed was when I prepared my food, it was easy to stick to the plan–that was the key! It became more difficult when I didn’t have my food with me. Almost every night before work, I would cook things in line with the Mediterranean Diet and place them in the fridge for the next day. Basically, if it wasn’t in the refrigerator, I wouldn’t eat it. I brought all my food to work and avoided everything in the office.

Who else did you get involved?
I mentioned my husband, but it wasn’t just the two of us. He’s a preacher and there were plenty of people at church who started asking us what we were doing; why we were losing so much weight.

At one point, we had about seven people from the congregation who ordered M3 and took the Pledge. We started a little Facebook group for everyone who didn’t want to post their results on the official M3 page. It was a place to chat, ask questions, vent any struggles and concerns, and even talk about recipes. It was such a special place for support and love.

And through the entire process, Joan was reaching out, making sure I was going strong. She was such a huge part in my success.

How does it feel to see these results?

I feel awesome, I really do. I lost 50 pounds but really I feel 10 years younger! What a difference it can make when you take your health seriously and really put the effort in to create a better lifestyle. I followed the M3 System, I ate better, I was more active than I was before and the results are speaking for themselves.

I entered the contest not really thinking about winning. I was just trying to do the right thing for myself and my health. The change I’ve seen through following the system definitely speaks in and of itself, but to win this contest, I can’t even put it into words! It’s motivating when you struggle with weight for as long as I have, and to accomplish this, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

From all of us here at Modere, congratulations, Diane! We are excited to share your story with others in the future, which will help pave the way for more amazing M3 Pledge results.