We are well under way with our M3 Body Transformation Challenge, and we’ve already heard so many stellar, inspiring stories. If you’re a Social Marketer, these stories can have a direct impact on your success. The M3 System is a product based system designed around reduced calorie diet and exercise.

We were able to listen in on a few of the transformation stories during a recent phone call and thought everyone should hear how the M3 System has changed their lives.*

Amy and Robbie Gleave | St. George, Utah

Together, Amy and her husband, Robbie, have lost 30 pounds since starting the challenge. She said they aren’t overly active but do try their best to get out and exercise. The M3 System gives them that extra step to lose weight.

“The thing I love about this is it’s easy. I’ve always tried to be active and healthy . . . but age has caught up with me. But what I love about this is it is super simple. If it’s simple enough for my husband to follow, anyone can follow it.”

— Amy and Robbie Gleave

Cindy Bierworth-Yealland | Whitby, Ontario

Cindy received her M3 kit a few days after the challenge started and decided to go all in.

“I started at 202 pounds, I put my brave face on and already I am 7.2 pounds down. I have so much energy, I’m eating well, and sticking to my three pledges. The best part is I feel awesome. My favorite part is Sync. It’s incredible to have dessert before dinner.”

—Cindy Bierworth-Yealland

Dennis Garrigan | Chesapeake, Virginia

Dennis saw he needed to make a change to his health. He made a promise to his daughter he would change so he could be around for her.

“As of tonight I’ve lost 7 pounds and for me, that’s kind of huge. I’m 55 years old and I promised my daughter I would make changes to my health and be there for her. She just turned 5 and nothing really changed for me. I ordered my M3 System and it’s so simple. With the Pledge 3, I’m trying to do all 5 of them. 7 pounds in 7 days, it’s been huge!”

—Dennis Garrigan

Devrin Bradford | Norwich, New York

Devrin was always on the lookout for something to help him manage his weight, but there was so much to choose from. Luckily, as a Social Marketer, he got his hands on the M3 System.

“I lost 16 pounds already. Honestly, I’ve been looking for something that stands out. I decided to go all in and it’s been crazy easy. I eat real food. it’s clean energy too. I’m hungrier to live clean and share my inspiration to others.”

—Devrin Bradford

Ian Saludares | Haverstraw, New York

Ian is concerned with his weight. He knows the importance of living healthy.

“If we are more active, we can get this under control. I have tried a lot of weight-loss programs in the past, but the M3 System is the easiest to follow and has given me immediate results. On my first week, I lost 8 pounds and now I am in my second week and I’ve lost 12 pounds.”

—Ian Saludares

Matt Smelker | Denver, Colorado

Matt was excited to be on board since day one of purchasing his M3 System.

I went to Salt Lake and got my M3. I won’t lie I got a little too excited and started before March 1, but I’m down 14 pounds. I love the simplicity of it. You can still eat and lose weight. I cut the red meat out of my diet and am eating the Mediterranean diet. Hopefully I have abs by the time I’m done with it.”

—Matt Smelker

Peter Kim | Broomall, Pennsylvania

Peter has tried plenty of diets over the years, but he’s most excited about M3. His projected weight loss is 178 pounds! He started at 244 pounds and plans to keep this up through the summer.

“I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for 26 years. I’ve already lost 6 pounds with M3. I love that they are clean and safe. I don’t have to modify when I go out and eat with friends – just eat less than I used to. I’ve realized over 26 years that diets do work, it’s the people that don’t work.”

—Peter Kim

Renae Green | Washington, Oklahoma

Renee is a crazy busy mother of four in a town of 500. It’s a small town but they are making big waves with the M3 System.

“I’m a busy working woman, so I had to have something that’s simple and can work into my schedule and this has been incredible. I am down between 8 and 9 pounds. I struggled for a long time with weight. Once I got into my 40s, my metabolism slowed down. I’m 5’1” so when I gain one pound it looks like I’ve gained 10. . .so I’m super excited about this. It’s simple, clean, and we get to eat real food!”

—Renae Green

Richard Toth | Thornton, Colorado

Rick is an early riser that needed an extra help in the morning. He’s already seeing a significant change in how he looks since starting the challenge.

“I started on the 27th of February. . .and I’m excited where I am going to end up. What I absolutely love about this product are those morning pills. They help me get me started and I’m up out of bed. With all the extra time in the mornings, I’ve been able to get a lot done.”

—Richard Toth

Nancy Brown | Fingal, Ontario

Nancy said due to her age, all she has to do is look at food and she gains weight. But thanks to the M3 System, that’s no longer a problem.

“I’ve lost 5 pounds in 7 days and 5-½ inches. I’m not hungry, lots of energy, my clothes are looser, and it’s become a big lifestyle change. People see what I am doing and are calling and texting asking me to get this program. I’m excited not only about the weight-loss journey, but also about being able to help people who are struggling to do the same. If you’re undecided, give it a try because you got nothing to lose except weight.”

—Nancy Brown

You have nothing to lose except weight! Hopefully these amazing stories motivate you. If you haven’t already, sign up and take the M3 Body Transformation Challenge. Make sure you submit your results at least once a week—you can do it every day if you’d like. Not only can it help you physically, but your success story could help your business as well.

*Their results are atypical. Consult your physician prior to starting any new diet or exercise program. The typical person can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week depending on a variety of factors including the amount of exercise and motivation to stick to a reduced calorie diet.