We are in the home stretch! The month is wrapping up and with it, our M3 Body Transformation Challenge. So many people have seen some extraordinary results. The M3 Body System is helping many people reach their weight-loss goals and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Modere couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and the support all you Social Marketers are providing for one another.



As you finish the Body Transformation Contest, we encourage to keep up your new lifestyle, and invite others to join you in April. To get you started, we’re throwing out a big incentive—a Modere Branded FitBit. Get the details and make a plan to earn your new FitBit in April.

Pound-for-Pound Update
When we started this challenge, we wanted to donate one pound of Modere product for every pound lost. As of today, we have lost a collective weight of 1,205.3 pounds! We owe a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped contribute to this great cause. One of Modere’s core values is compassion, and that means we should always be on the lookout for a chance to give back whenever we can.

During the Regional Event in Atlanta, we ask you to join us as we take time to put together hygiene bags. These bags will go to Vets Connect, a homeless service dedicated to helping our military heroes.

Changing Habits
It takes at least 21 days to change or form a habit. Hopefully the M3 Transformation Challenge transformed your habits, putting you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. So where do you go from here? The only way to get to day 21 is to start with day 1, but don’t focus on the number, focus on making progress and maintaining consistency that creates long-term effects.

As you feed off the positivity of your change, keep the momentum going! Purchase the M3 Body System again, stick to the Mediterranean diet, and share your success with others as you grow your business.