Congrats To The Weekly Winners
For the list, please check out this pdf!

Top 25 Monthly Point Leaders

(For the rest of the list, please check out this pdf!)
(As of April 11, 2017, 10:00 AM MST)

1. Gretchen Burleson 134
2. Jennifer Soto 133
3. Amy Swan 96
4. Antoi Johns 89
5. Carmelita Purser 85
6. Jessie Lee Ward 81
7. Amber Deloof 79
8. Tabitha Yoder 78
9. Melissa Muszynski 76
10. Alicia Manning 72
11. Rendy Anderson 71
12. Amarilys Rivera 68
13. Robyn Ramos 68
14. Clarissa Vann 65
15. Paula Abbott 64
16. Guy Hatley 64
17. Brianna Marie Nichols 62
18. Jill Hamilton 60
19. Sarah Highfill 60
20. John Melton 58
21. Amanda Nicole Morris 58
22. Ashley Czyzewski 58
23. Amanda Welch 57
24. Alicia Campbell 56
25. Elizabeth Zamorano 55

Week 5 – Top 25 Point Leaders

(For the rest of the list, please check out this pdf!)
(As of April 11, 2017, 10:00 AM MST)

1. Guy Hatley 52
2. Sue Thornley 52
3. Amy Swan 49
4. Elizabeth Zamorano 44
5. Shara Topper 42
6. Sara Cooper 41
7. Ashley Czyzewski 40
8. Nadallie Lopez 39
9. Ashley Anderson 38
10. Jessie Lee Ward 37
11. Alicia Manning 36
12. Kayla Bsharah 34
13. Kim Ross 34
14. Krystle Hill 34
15. Kerry Perkinson 32
16. Stephanie Johnson 32
17. Randa Gliege 30
18. Amarilys Rivera 29
19. Robyn Ramos 29
20. Erin Ledford 28
21. Melissa Muszynski 28
22. Shanna Manor 28
23. Teresa Goins 28
24. Cheryl Lehmann 27
25. Daphne Ellison 27


Let’s get ready to make some noise this month! It’s March and Modere is offering up our loudest promotion yet and we have just one question—how much of a ruckus will you make?

During the campaign, Social Marketers can earn points on the way to their very own Modere-branded Bluetooth speaker.

We aren’t stopping there. We’re also giving away iTunes and Google Play gift cards to those who qualify with enough points. It’s going to be a loud month!


When you earn a total of 15 points during the month of March, you’ll receive the Modere-branded Bluetooth speaker.

  • Earn 1 point for any new customer or Social Marketer who joins in March with a minimum First Order of $129.
  • Earn 4 points for new Social Marketers who join and order a 480 MP first order during the month of March

Bonus Points:

  • Earn 1 additional bonus point when the new customer or Social Marketer signs up for SmartShip (minimum $99.99 SmartShip) for the month of April.

We will also award iTunes/Google Play gift cards to the week’s top-point earners AND hold weekly drawings! We will be giving away five $50 iTunes or weekly gift cards in a weekly drawing for anyone who has earned at least one point during the week!

Weekly Top Point Earners

1st Place $100 iTunes or Google Play gift card

2nd Place $75 iTunes or Google Play gift card

3rd Place $50 iTunes or Google Play gift card

Weekly drawings will take place during the Monday Team Call for the previous week’s activity. Gift cards will be awarded for the following weeks:

March 1 – 4
March 5 – 11
March 12 – 18
March 19 – 25
March 26 – 31

Oh, and did we mention that Social Marketers who qualify for the Make Some Noise campaign will be recognized during the May 2017 Regional event!   

What are you waiting for? Let’s make some noise!

Full details & Requirements

  1. This promotion is valid from March 1, 2017, through March 31, 2017, and is applicable for Social Marketers only.
  2. Social Marketers must meet the 150 AP requirement/75 MP SmartShip requirement in March 2017 to be eligible to redeem awards.
  3. Social Marketers must have earned at least one point and be registered for the 2017 Modere Spring Regional to be eligible for the weekly iTunes or Google play gift card drawing.
  4. To be eligible to count toward points customers and personally enrolled Social Marketers must meet the following requirements:
    1. Orders must have an order date of March 1, 2017, to March 31, 2017.
    2. New Customers and new Social Marketers must have a start date of March 1,  2017, to March 31, 2017.
    3. The first order must include an M3 system or a collection that includes an M3 system or must have an equivalent subtotal value ($129.99+ or $499.99+).  The SmartShip for March 2017 must have a subtotal value of $99.99.  
    4. Orders must have a unique shipping address and a unique form of payment to be eligible to count toward points.
  5. No more than 5 points can come from one account.
  6. Points may not be exchanged for cash
  7. Limit one speaker per account.
  8. Social Marketers may only win one weekly drawing during the qualification period.  If a Social Marketer who has already won a weekly gift card drawing is drawn again, a second draw will be conducted until a different Social Marketer wins.
  9. Final calculations will be completed on 4/6/2017. Speakers will be shipped mid-April. Recognition of achievement may occur prior to 4/6/2017 but is not official until after this date. Any orders returned on or before 4/6/2017 will not be eligible for qualification. SmartShip orders canceled on or before 4/6/2017 will not be eligible for qualification.
  10. Modere reserves the right to charge back prize value for excessive returns or Smart Ship cancels occurring after 4/6/2017.
  11. Any stacking or bonus buying is strictly prohibited.