Many people who join Modere or other network marketing companies think they have to know a lot of people to succeed. They develop this idea you have to live in the big city to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. For new Director 1, Melissa Sawatsky, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“Every Social Marketer should know Modere has provided us with the tools to be successful in this business, regardless of your situation. When I started, I had zero direct sales experience. I’m a Special Education teacher and work in a Pre-K to Grade 12 school. I’m from a small town of 850 people! But I followed the One Voice training and completed the Success Cycle. Anyone can achieve success by following these simple guides.”

By using the One Voice System, Melissa was able to reach the rank of Director 1, and she’s still climbing. Like many people, it was the products that brought her to Modere.

“I became interested in Modere in May when I read one of Tina Thorogood’s curiosity posts about M3. After three days of trying M3, I had lost three pounds. I was passionately talking about the product in my staff room when another staff member wanted to sign up.

“It was about this time Tina told me if I found two more customers, I could Live Clean for Free. I thought it was worth a shot. Since then, I have really admired the professional and personal growth opportunities Modere brought to my life.”

When speaking to her experience with Modere, Melissa had plenty of positive things to talk about.

“There are so many proud moments I’ve had since joining Modere. First, would be winning my Nike Running shoes. They were the first goal I accomplished in this business. Second, would be during our big sale we had in July. I had so many orders coming in, I lost count.

“Finally, becoming Director 1 in July. Before then, I had been at Senior Consultant and my goal was to simply become a Team Leader. I didn’t think I could make the jump straight to Director 1! I’ve also really enjoyed hitting Platinum 1 for Canada! I couldn’t believe the support i received from this community. I am humbled by the people I have met in person and virtually.”

Melissa’s ultimate goal with Modere is just to supplement her income and help others find the success she has. And for those who want the same thing but are finding it difficult, she has some words of encouragement.

“Look to your upline for support! That’s what I would do, along with looking at the positivity provided by people in the Modere community. I feel gratitude for the friendship and other relationships I’ve developed over the past few months.”

Congratulations to Melissa on her achievements with Modere!